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We asked our members to share their stories. From amazing bargains and profitable new businesses, to rare finds and great new friends. It's easy to see why eBay is the world's fastest growing online marketplace.

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Vinod has seen tough times in life. His father's earnings, from selling 'mukhwas' items off a cart, meant that the family led a hand-to-mouth existence. "I'm a college student and I really wanted to do something to help my family." When he took up a friend's invitation to an eBay seminar, little did he know that his life was about to change forever.

Introduction to eBay
"I accompanied my friend, Jackson, who had registered me for the seminar. I had never heard of eBay before, but at the seminar I got to know about people buying and selling such a wide variety of things. What I was interested in most was that one seller was making money simply selling old coins."

It was then that Vinod decided to join eBay and list his father's small collection of old coins for sale. He was thrilled by the response to something that had been at home all along.

My First Experience
"The very first day I sold a coin for Rs. 200. I was so excited, because that was a huge amount for me back then. That has remained my best memory on eBay." Encouraged by his quick success, he decided to pursue the collection of old coins and to set up a business selling them. "Initially all I wanted was a part-time income to support my family. But today I sell coins worth 1.5 lakhs every month," he smiles.

Trading on eBay
Dealing mostly in the coins and notes categories, Vinod now has a growing customer list based mostly in India, but also in Pakistan, UK, the Netherlands and USA. By featuring hard-to-find items at a lower price and offering international shipping for expensive items, Vinod is able to offer his customers a good deal for his items.

"I also make use of features like Home Page, gallery listing and international listing to draw more buyers and also to get better prices on auctions," he helpfully explains.

My Favourites
"What I enjoy is interacting with people from different parts of the world. One of my favourite and regular buyers is 'marathacoins'. Besides our transactions, we also interact frequently about coins," he says. "Another eBay member, 'niceshop4u', has now become a personal friend and guide, helping me with my business and always giving me advice and guidance to do well. He's the reason I'm where I am today."

Looking Ahead
For the future, Vinod has big plans for his business. "I'm learning more about this business. I have a coin collection that is worth around Rs. 70,000 and am actively collecting coins," he says.

About eBay
"All this would not have been possible without the support and trust of the eBay community that has helped me achieve so much in the span of six months. eBay has completely changed my life. A few months back, I would not have imagined that I would be earning this well, owning a computer and supporting my family. It's given me a great sense of achievement and independence. My dad is relieved and happy that his son did not end up becoming just a lorry salesman."

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