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We asked our members to share their stories. From amazing bargains and profitable new businesses, to rare finds and great new friends. It's easy to see why eBay is the world's fastest growing online marketplace.

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User id: milas2004_in1

Faizal is a businessman dealing in Indian attar. Other than bidding on eBay, he also likes to collect stamps, precious stones, and coins. His other passion is bird watching.

Faizal always encourages his son and daughters to browse and bid on eBay, for he believes that this will be a far better learning experience for them, than watching television.

How long have you been using the eBay site and what do you use it for? How did you first hear about the eBay site?
I joined eBay on 8th May 2004 when it was Baazee. I used it only for purchasing. I once saw a banner on my email site, and for curiosity's sake, I just clicked on that banner and started bidding, and since then I got hooked to eBay!

What is the main category on the eBay site in which your items are bought or sold? What is the most unique item you have bought or sold on eBay? Which purchase / sale has made you very happy?
I buy lot of products from eBay, starting from jewellery, apparel, electronics, stamps, coins etc. In fact, whatever I am wearing in the photograph-cap, T-shirt, and glasses-all have been bought from eBay. My most memorable experience was when I won my first auction, a gold pendent with emerald, for my wife, and I also received it within a week's time!

Who is your favourite eBay seller / buyer and why? What has been your best experience at eBay till date?
It will be unfair for me to judge any seller as best. My experience at eBay till date has been excellent because all sellers, from whom I purchased, have been extremely prompt in service and have given good quality products. However, recently one particular seller named Mr. Rishi Kochhar (eBay id: - philatelicshop) dispatched the product on the same day when the bidding ended with me as a winner. Next day, when I posted a cheque and told Mr. Rishi the cheque details, I received a reply stating that the product was already on its way…and I received the product the same evening. My payment got credited to his account the next day after I had received the product. The seller had shipped me the product, just based on his full faith at my +ve feedback :

What tips would you give to people out there who are selling or buying their items on eBay?
The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and in others. eBay is a nice platform for both, buyers and sellers. eBay takes care of every transaction on its site. That is why I dispatched Rs.16,000/- (my highest ever) without even knowing the seller. I know that business is done on trust, and besides, eBay is always there to see that all transactions happen smoothly!

Do you think your feedback rating on the eBay site has improved your reputation as a buyer or a seller?
Yes, of course! Ratings are extremely important for both, sellers and buyers. My best experience on the site (mentioned above) is a direct proof of the same.

What eBay feature or service would you say has been the most helpful to you and why?
Feedback Forum and Community Boards are what I like most about eBay.

What advice would you give others about using the Community boards?
I think it is important for eBay members to visit the community boards and learn from other users. We get to learn about good practices that other users are following, as well as how to avoid making those mistakes that others have already made. Besides, you also get a chance to interact with users from different walks of life.

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