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Seller Non Performance
When you list an item on eBay, and a buyer bids for and wins the item, you and the buyer enter into a contract. Both members are expected to honor that contract.

Transactions that you do not honor are considered as Seller Non Performance and may lead to a Seller Warning and/or Suspension.

The following are considered as Seller Non Performance complaints and they will need to be resolved:

Online Dispute Console

  • Item Not Received (INR) Disputes
  • Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) Disputes

Feedback received from Buyer with

  • INR comments
  • SNAD comments

How will you be informed about Seller Non Performance?
If you have an increasing number of dispute cases and/or feedback that contains INR or SNAD complaints against you, you will receive a warning or suspension email from eBay, asking you to resolve all the complaints present on your account.

Seller’s Action
As a seller, if you receive a warning or suspension email for Seller Non Performance, you should immediately reply to the email, requesting for all the pending complaints against your user ID and immediately start working to resolve them.

You will receive a list of pending complaints to be resolved for feedback-related complaints as well as the unresolved INR/SNAD disputes still pending in your Dispute Console.

Resolve all complaints against your ID

Tips to avoid Seller Non Performance Warning/Suspension

  • Respond to open disputes and try to resolve them by communicating with the buyers.
  • Leave follow-up comments against INR/SNAD Feedback.
  • Document all communications with your buyers.
  • Document all refund proofs like copy of the cheque/demand draft, emails from PayPal or PaisaPay confirming the refund to the buyer,
  • Approach any alternate dispute resolution forum, if you aren’t able to close the case by communicating with the buyer.

Learn more about Seller Non Performance.

How to resolve cases against your ID

Depending on the nature of the complaint, you will need to provide certain documents or complete specific actions.

Item Not Received Complaint
To handle this complaint, you need to provide Proof of Delivery, such as:

  • Complete address of the buyer which matches the buyer’s registration and/or shipping address
  • Item status as Delivered
  • Signature of the recipient

Proof acceptable in case of feedback-related complaints
To handle this, you will need to follow up on feedback comments from the buyer:

  • A buyer may choose to mark their complaints as Resolved by placing a follow-up comment to their original feedback.
  • Follow-up comments of complaint marked as Resolved after the dispute is opened.

Proof acceptable in case of SNAD complaints
In certain SNAD cases, you may send a partial refund to the buyer. In case of a partial refund, you need to provide supporting evidence in the form of an email from the buyer with header and footer agreeing for partial refund, along with refund proof. The supporting evidence may also be a documented Square Trade resolution. Proof of refund:

  • For refund by cheque: A copy of the front and back of a cancelled cheque.
  • For refund by demand draft: A copy of the front and back of the demand draft.
  • For refund by money order: A copy of the front of the money order and, preferably, an accompanying tracking number.
  • For refund by PayPal/PaisaPay: The PayPal/PaisaPay refund email with the complete header and footer.

If the buyer closes the dispute in My eBay, indicating that the dispute is resolved, it will be treated as an acceptable proof of resolution.

Buyers email with complete header and footer stating that the complaint has been resolved.