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Feedback Information
What is Feedback?
Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by other eBay members you've bought from and sold to. Every time you buy or sell an item, you can leave feedback on your trading partner as positive, neutral, or negative feedback with a comment, depending on your experience with the transaction. Similarly, your trading partner can leave his feedback comments on you.

Feedback is represented as a number next to a User’s eBay User ID. For example: Amit (10)

Importance of Feedback
The feedback comments and ratings are valuable indicators of a member’s reputation as a buyer or seller on eBay. The feedback system aims is to help members make more informed decisions about buying from or selling to another member prior to trading, by providing an open and transparent view of a member’s eBay trading history. All eBay members should check feedback prior to entering into a transaction with another member. Similarly, all eBay members should leave feedback for their trading partner, after the transaction is complete.

Reviewing a buyer’s feedback profile can be helpful, too. Find out if a buyer is known as a great customer who provides fast payment.

If you are not sure of a User’s feedback or the user is new to eBay, you can Contact the member and clarify your doubts before entering into a transaction.

To contact a member:

  • Click on the User ID of the other Member.
  • Click on the Contact Member button.
  • Post your question.

How does Feedback Work?

In order to maintain a credible system, each user may only affect another member’s feedback score by +1, 0, or -1.

The feedback rating system is easy:

  • +1 point for each positive comment
  • 0 points for each neutral comment
  • -1 point for each negative comment
  • A star icon for 10 or more comments

    The final feedback score that appears next to the User ID is the net of unique feedback score.

    Learn more about Feedback Stars

How can I leave Feedback?
  • Click on My eBay at the top of any eBay page

  • Click on the "Feedback" link under My Account on the left-hand side of the page

  • Click on the Leave Feedback button for a list of transactions for which feedback is pending

  • Select the type of feedback as Positive, Neutral, or Negative. Enter your comments and click the Leave Feedback button.

Always leave feedback within 90 days after the end of the listing. After 90 days, the item may be removed from eBay, and you'll no longer be able to leave feedback.

The Feedback Forum keeps track of all your feedback on the site. You can view feedback received, leave, and reply to feedback from this section.
It is essential to know and follow the Feedback policies on eBay.

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