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Jewellery is a very popular category on eBay India. A piece of jewellery sells every 5 minutes here.
Benefits of Selling Jewellery on eBay
There is a large market for selling jewellery on eBay.
  • Liquidate Inventory - A quick and cost-effective way to clear excess inventory.
  • Accelerate Cash Flow
    • No need to change the way you currently do business
    • Most listings on eBay are completed in 10 days or less
    • Solves seasonal cash flow dips
  • Identify Items to Sell
    • Select the products that you want to sell on eBay.
    • Consider the seasonality of the item and the quantities that work best for you.
    • Check out the Jewellery and Watches Hot Categories List to get some ideas!
    • You can also have a look at the Completed Items list on eBay.
Selling Tips
Choose the Right selling format
eBay offers you three types of selling formats. However, in the Jewellery & Watches category, auctions do very well. It is also beneficial to create shops for listing your jewellery.

List your product in the right Jewellery & Watches category
Take note of these important category-selection tips:

  • Use "Other" categories sparingly. eBay research indicates that items listed in other categories realise lower conversion rates than those placed in targeted categories.
  • Leverage eBay's List in 2 Categories feature to simplify category selection.

Item Title Carefully selecting your listing title is important - it is how our search engine helps buyers find your item:

Item Description - Describe the Item Well

Provide essential facts about the item such as the

  • Brand (if applicable)
  • Metal and stone type
  • Stone size and total weight
  • Stone shape
  • Stone description (clarity, colour, carats)
  • Item size: ring size, necklace length, etc.
  • Condition: Brand new, never used, used, slightly used, etc.
  • Original Retail Price (if applicable) which can help anchor the price you expect to receive
  • Certification: If you items are IGI or EGL certified make sure you state this.

Proper pricing of your item is critical. Here are three things to keep in mind when determining your item's value.

  • Starting Price: Getting that first bid is critical, as other buyers are generally more likely to jump in if they see there are already bids on an item. Many sellers prefer to set a starting price below what the item is actually worth. This tends to jumpstart bidding, creates buyer competition, and may ultimately produce a higher final price.
  • Reserve Price: If not used properly, a reserve price on your item can often result in the same problems as an excessively high starting price. Buyers will often lose interest in an item if they place a bid and find it doesn't meet the reserve. Because they do not know the reserve price, they may assume the seller is simply asking too much for the item.
  • Search Completed Listings: Most savvy sellers search completed listings for similar items to gauge historical pricing and potential returns before setting their opening bid.

You can boost sales by displaying a clear, professional photograph of your item.

  • Include 1-3 digital photos of your item from multiple angles. Any kind of digital camera will work.
  • Take your photo in good light, shoot on a contrasting background, and at a slight angle for best results. Make sure your photo is not blurry.
  • Photograph smaller products such as rings, bangles etc. on stands.
  • Highlight any important details such as imperfections, colour, and detail.
  • Include photographs of any Certificates of Authenticity, etc.

Upgrade your Listings for more visibility
Consider adding features to increase your listings exposure.

  • Gallery View: Gallery provides for a more positive shopping experience for buyers.
  • Bold: Attract the attention of buyers and set your listing apart by using Boldface type.
  • Featured Plus!: Your item will be shown prominently in the Featured Items section of the results page. It will also appear in the regular, non-featured item list.

* Visit the Listings Upgrades pages for more information.

Shipping & Sales Tax
Here are some things to consider when stating your shipping policy:

  • Shipping carrier and method
  • Shipping Insurance if any and the charges for the same
  • Consider offering shipping discount if more than one item is purchased.
  • Specify international shipping if any

* Don't forget to mention the Sales Tax value and the states for which Sales Tax is applicable.

Payment & Returns
Here are some things to consider when stating your payment terms:

  • Select the payment methods you will accept including online and offline modes of payments.
  • Clearly state your return policy on your listing. Letting buyers know they can return or exchange the item for a working replacement boosts sales and final selling prices.
Managing Your Listings
  • Respond to buyer questions: Bidders / buyers might contact you through the “Ask the seller a question” link during the course of the listing. Respond to all inquiries promptly.
  • Contact the Buyer: Once the buyer places an order, contact the buyer and send him a payment reminder mail.
  • Provide Feedback: Ensure to leave feedback for your customers and also request your buyers to leave feedback on you. Ensure to provide good customer service - answer emails quickly, ship promptly, and deliver what you promised.

Note: You must know and practice the eBay policies to keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell.