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Fixed Price Format
What is Fixed Price Format?
The Fixed Price format enables you to set a final price for your product. In case of Fixed Price, the buyers can make an instant purchase at the fixed price value. You will sell the item immediately without waiting for the listing to end. With this format, qualified sellers can list multiple quantities of the same item. You will get a Buy It Now icon for all Fixed Price listings.

How do I create a Fixed Price Listing?
To create a standard Fixed Price listing, you can simply choose "Sell at Fixed Price" on the first step of the Sell Your Item form.

In addition to this you can also add a Fixed Price (Buy It Now price) to an Auction listing. For this, select “Sell Item at Auction” and enter a Buy It Now price in the listing. The Buy It Now price appears on the listing until it has received a bid.

What are the benefits of a Fixed Price Listing?
  • Buyers can purchase your item(s) immediately, at the price you set.
  • There is no bidding on a fixed price; your items are available to buyers at a set price.
  • If you qualify, you can sell multiple identical items in one listing.
  • Buyers will find your listing in category browse pages and search results, highlighted with the Buy It Now icon.
  • You do not have to wait till the listing ends to receive orders.
Are there any charges for Fixed Price Listings?
Fixed Price Listings are absolutely FREE. However a Buy It Now price in an Auction is charged at Re.1 per listing.