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Merchandising your eBay Shop

As a dedicated seller, creating a professional-looking online Shop is vital to your success. Buyers will gather an impression of your business within moments of entering your Shop.

 Custom Categories
Custom Categories are like departments within your shop that make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. You can create up to 300 categories within your shop. With custom categories you make your shop more buyer friendly.

Depending on the items, some sellers use product-based categories like- ceramics, glassware, posters while others use more flexible categories like sale items, seasonal, best-sellers, etc.

To create custom categories

Go to My eBay and click on Manage my shop in the left navigation.

Click on Shop Categories below Shop Design
Click on the Edit Categories Names Link

Enter the Category names and click on the Save Settings button.

Tip: Place yourself in place of the buyers and think of what words would they use to describe the categories of items they're looking for? The more clearly you name your categories, the more likely buyers will find your items.

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 Custom pages
Custom pages are a set of unique pages that you can create for your Shop to serve a variety purposes like your shop home page, presenting your shop policies, highlighting a current sale, telling more about yourself, showcase items and specials, explain shipping and return policies, describe the history of your business, and more.

The maximum number of custom pages that you can create depends on your subscription level.

Steps to create custom pages:

  • Go to My eBay and click the Manage My Shop link in the left navigation bar.
  • Click the Custom Pages in the left navigation bar.

To create a new page, click on the Create new page link.
Select the layout for your page with either 1 / 2 promotion boxes, pictures etc. based on your requirement.

Provide content for your custom page with details including the Page Title, description, promotion box titles etc.

Click on the Save and Publish button to publish that custom page.

Your custom pages will appear in your eBay Shop.

From the Custom pages section you can also

  • Delete a page - Click "Delete" to remove the page permanently.
  • Hide a page - Click the "Deactivate" link when you want to hide a page. This prevents buyers from viewing or accessing the page. The page will be added to the Inactive Page list and will remain hidden until you activate it again by clicking the "Activate" link.

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 Listing Header
Your Shop listing header is a great way to build your eBay Shop's brand and drive more traffic to your Shop, because it appears at the top of the item description in all of your current listings as well as your future listings.

Your shop's Listing Header always includes your Shop name, a link to your Shop's home page, and your Shop's colours. You can also include:

  • Your Shop logo
  • A search box that enables buyers to search your Shop
  • A link that enables buyers to add you to their favorite sellers
  • A link that enables buyers to sign up for your email marketing newsletters
  • Links to your custom categories, custom pages, and About Me page (up to a maximum of 5 links)

A. Click on the Listing Header link in the Left Navigation

B. Select the fields you would like to include in your Listing header and click on the Apply button.

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 Gallery Pictures

Pictures Sell! A buyer is more likely to click on an item with a Gallery picture. Ensure to include images of your item in your listing and select Gallery while creating your listing to display a thumbnail image of your product.

List /Gallery View and Item Sorting
You can select to have either the List View or the Gallery view in your listings.

- List view is useful for showing long lists of items - each item takes up less space, making more items immediately viewable.

- Gallery view devotes more space to your items with bigger images. This is very important for items where pictures play an important role.

To change the display view of your listing
- Click on the Shop design link on the left navigation bar.
- Click on the Change link on the right to change the Default item view.

Click on the Change link to the right of the display settings you would like to change.

A. Select List view or Gallery view as the layout for your listings.

B. Item Sorting - You can also change the Sort order for your listings. You can change your sort order to highest first to get more visibility for high value items.

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 Cross Promote your eBay Shop
Make the best use of your listings
Take buyers to your shop through your active auctions and fixed price listings which appear in regular searches and categories on eBay. List some of your items in these formats, and in your item descriptions, include links to parts of your Shop (the home page, custom categories, Shop Inventory items, etc.).

Control your cross-promotions
When buyers view, bid on, or win an item, your other items (including Shop Inventory items) are promoted in a special display. As a Shop seller, you have complete control over which items are shown. Set up your cross-promotions so that your Shop Inventory items get maximum exposure.

Use your About Me page.
If you have an About Me page, the icon will always appear next to your User ID for buyers to click on. You can promote your shop in your About Me page through themes or links.

Include your Shop's name and URL in your signature.
Include your Shop's name and URL as part of your signature in all communication with eBay community members.

Seller email Marketing
Email marketing is a great way to promote your eBay Shop to buyers-including those who are interested in your Shop but have not purchased items from you in the past.

Buyer Subscription
Buyers can sign up to receive your emails by adding you to their Favourite Sellers list. Make sure to include this link in all your communication with buyers and in all your listings.

Creating Mailing Lists
You can create up to 5 Mailing lists that target different interests or types of promotions. For example, you could have a "DVDs" mailing list and a "Sale Notifications" mailing list. Buyers choose which of your mailing lists they belong to when they add you to their Favourite Sellers list.

To create a Mailing list
- Go to Manage My Shop within my eBay
- Click on View, to the right of Email Marketing

Click on the Create Mailing List button.

Enter the Mailing List Name and click on the Save button

You can then choose to send emails to specific mailing lists.

Creating and sending an email
To create an email click on the Create Email button

Select the Mailing List

Specify the subject, add pictures, specify the number of items you would like to display in your email and click on the Create and Preview Email button.

Preview the email and click on the Send Email button.

The number of emails you send depend on your subscription level. The email counts based on subscription are:

Promote your shop outside eBay

- Promote your Shop in emails and printed materials. Always include your shops name and in all your correspondence with buyers (such as emails and packing slips) as well as advertisements.

- Optimise your Shop for Internet search engines. Include words that you think buyers will use to search for products on search engines. This will boost your Shops' chances of appearing in their search results. Include these keywords in your Shop name, custom category names, and / or the content on your custom pages.

- Print Flyers and send it out with your packages You can create and print your own promotional flyers to promote your eBay Shop and the items you are selling.

Ideas for using your promotional flyers
* Insert flyers in all your shipments to buyers to encourage them to shop with you again.
* Distribute flyers to friends and family.
* Print flyers and keep them available to distribute to anyone interested in learning more about your eBay Shop or the products you are selling! To Print Promotional Flyers:
- Click on Manage my Shop with My eBay.
- Click on the Access this Feature: Promotional Flyers link.
- Create your flyer.
- Preview and print the flyer.

Printing flyers is extremely simple and goes a long way in promoting your product.
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 Email Marketing - Shops
Q. What is email marketing?
A. Email Marketing is a tool for eBay Shops sellers that allows them to send email to interested buyers who have opted-in to their email mailing lists.

Q. Who can I send emails to?
A. You can email anyone who has subscribed to your mailing lists. Users subscribe to a seller's mailing lists via the "Add to Favourite Sellers and Shops" process, through which they can select one or more mailing lists to subscribe to for each seller.

Q. How do I send email to my subscribers?
A. Using the Email Marketing tool, you can easily create and send template-based or fully-customized HTML emails to your subscribers. You can send one email to each of your mailing lists every week, but there is no limit to the number of subscribers on one email list.

Q. What types of default email layout and content are available?
A. You can use default content for the following types of emails - Items Ending Soonest, Newly Listed Items, Previous Buyers and Welcome Email. After choosing the type of email, you select the layout you wish to use for the mailing. When you choose one of these types of emails, the subject line and personal message in the email will be filled with the default content. You can either edit the message and subject line or simply leave the content as is.

Q. What is a Welcome Email?
A. A Welcome Email is a specific type of email that is sent to the subscriber as soon as they subscribe to a Shop mailing list. The Welcome Email introduces the Shop and informs the subscriber how they can unsubscribe from the mailing list. Welcome Emails do not count against your monthly allocation of free emails.

Q. How do I schedule an email?
A. When you create your email, you will be asked if you want to send the email immediately or if you would like to set the email to be sent on a recurring schedule. You can choose the frequency you wish the email to be sent (weekly, every two weeks, etc.) plus the day of the week that you want the email to go out.

Q. How can I cancel or modify a scheduled email?
A. All scheduled emails will be appear in the "Pending Emails" section of the "Email Marketing Summary" page. To delete a scheduled email, simply select the email and press the delete button. To edit the email, select the email you wish to edit and choose "Edit" from the pull-down menu in the Action column.

Q. How do I change the listings that appear in my emails?
A. There are two places in the email where your listings may appear - the Item Showcase and the Item List. In the Item Showcase, you can choose to use automatic selection and based on the type of email you select to send, the appropriate items will be selected for you by default. You can override the default selections and click on "change criteria" and manually selected the items you wish to show in the Item Showcase. For items in the Item List, you can change the items being displayed by clicking on the "change criteria" link.

Q. How do I know how many emails I can send for free?
A. In the upper right-hand corner of the "Email Marketing Summary" page, you can see the number of free emails you have left for the month. Additionally, on the "Preview and Send" page, you will be shown the number of emails that you have remaining for free before you send your email.

Q. How can I limit sending emails to only those that I can send for free?
A. When you create your email, there is a setting that allows you to send only emails that are included in your Shops subscription for free. If you uncheck this selection, you will be able to send more emails than are included for free.

Q. How do I send more emails than the monthly allocation included in my subscription?
A. Before sending an email, you will be shown the current allocation and remaining email count for the current month. On the "Preview Email" page, you will be shown the additional charges and by clicking "Send Email", you agree to pay the additional charges on your eBay account.

Email limits for Shop subscription levels
Basic Shop - 100 emails per month
Featured Shop - 1000 emails per month
Premium Shop - 4000 emails per month

Q. How can I tell how many subscribers I have?
A. The "Shop Marketing Summary" page displays your total number of subscribers.

Q. How will I know that my email is reaching anyone?
A. The Email Marketing tool has a tracking mechanism built in which allows the sender to see the number of recipients who opened the email, clicked on links, and bid or bought directly from the email. This helps sellers understand which messages or product offers are most effective, and helps sellers fine-tune their marketing strategy.

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