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Cross Promotions
Cross promote items!
Cross promote your items to get more exposure and attract more buyers.

Cross Promotions Cross Promotion Connections

 Cross Promotions
You can cross promote your items to make buyers view and buy other products listed by you.

Benefits of Cross Promotions
• Sell more items per buyer - A buyer who purchases one of your items is likely to be
interested in your other items, especially ones that complement the purchased item.
Eg. A user buying a shirt may be interested in buying a tie.

• Sell higher value items - A buyer interested in one of your items is likely to be interested
in a similar, higher-priced item you're selling and may purchase that.

Did you know?
You can cross promote your products to a buyer when the buyer bids on or wins your item.

Steps to cross promote your items to buyers
By default, the option to cross promote your all your items has been checked, so that your items get cross promoted in all possible locations on the site.

Step 1: Go to My eBay

Step 2: Click Preferences under My Account

Step 3: Click on "Edit" to make changes to any of the Cross Promotion settings.
With "Participate in cross-promotions" your items will be promoted with all other products on
the site.

With "Participate in cross promotion connections" other sellers will be able to contact you for
cross promotion connections. Know more about Cross Promotion Connections.

Did you know?
You can edit your cross promotion settings and choose where all you would like them to appear.

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 Cross Promotion Connections
In a cross promotion connection sellers can promote each others items.

Benefits of Cross Promotion Connections
Cross-promotion connections enable more buyers to discover your items because they will be
promoted through other sellers' listings as well as your own.

How does a cross-promotion connection work?

1. You request a connection with a seller you know and trust. You may even receive a request
from another seller, which you can accept or decline.

2. An active connection is formed when you or the other seller accepts a connection request.

3. When a buyer bids on or wins an item listed by you or the other seller, both your items and
the other seller's items will be promoted to the buyer.

Your items and the other seller’s items will be promoted to the buyers, as shown below:

To request a connection with another seller

1. Click "Cross-Promotion Connections" under "My Account" in My eBay.

2. Click Request New Connection under "Pending Connections: Requests I've Sent."

3.Enter the Seller's User ID or Shop Name to request a connection
*** eBay will then send a standard message to the seller notifying the seller of your request.
You can also send a personal note to the seller by clicking on the seller’s User ID and then
click Contact Member on the Member Profile page.

4. You can view the requests sent to you by other sellers in the "Pending Connections:
Requests I've Received. To accept or decline a connection request from another user, select
Accept or Decline in the Action column.

Did you know?
You can choose items from other sellers that you are willing to cross promote,
by changing your selection preferences. For this, select "Edit" under preferences.
For example, you can specify that items from the same category as your item
are excluded.
If you do not wish to have any cross promotion connections with other sellers, you can select
"Edit" on the Preferences page and select the option: "Do not participate in cross-promotion

Know more about Cross Promotion Connections.