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PaisaPay is a fast an easy way of receiving payments through Credit Card and Online Bank transfer.

Benefits of using PaisaPay

  • Receive online payments easily
  • Check all your PaisaPay Orders in your PaisaPay Account
  • Check your Total PaisaPay Account Balance
  • Receive a cheque with your consolidated PaisaPay receipts on a regular basis
  • Pay your eBay transaction fees using PaisaPay
PaisaPay: The Fast, Easy & Secure way to Pay

Fast & Easy

Pay instantly using your credit card or make an online bank transfer to receive your eBay purchases faster, thus eliminating the hassle and delays related with other payment options like cheques, demand drafts, etc.

Private, Safe, & Secure

  • PaisaPay offers you the highest standards of security currently available on the Web so as to ensure that your online payment experience is private, safe, and secure.
  • Your Credit Card information is safe as it is protected using 128-bit VeriSign encryption, the highest safety standard.
  • All the banks supported by eBay for online payment transfers also offer VeriSign certified, secure Net-banking environment.
  • Payments made using PaisaPay are covered under eBay's Standard Purchase Protection Program.
  • To add to the above, credit card purchases are generally protected by the respective card company. Learn more.
Register with PaisaPay
Registration with PaisaPay is absolutely FREE. All you need to have is a valid Bank Account in any of the cities supported by PaisaPay

Click here to see the list of cities supported by PaisaPay.

Steps to Register with PaisaPay
  • Log into My eBay
  • Click on PaisaPay Account in the My Account section.
  • Click on the Register with PaisaPay Account link

You may be asked to sign into your eBay account once again.
  1. Enter your bank account name and number
  2. Accept the PaisaPay user Agreement
  3. Click on continue
Check PaisaPay Order Status
  1. When payment for an order is received via PaisaPay you will see the icon highlighted against the order.
  2. You will also see a Yellow band with the PaisaPay ID number below the order.

You should ship the product to the buyer only after the Rs. Icon is highlighted against the order as this confirms receipt of the payment.

Manage your PaisaPay Account

From your PaisaPay Account you can check all your PaisaPay Orders, your pending PaisaPay Account Balance, previous PaisaPay Balances and a lot more.

Access your PaisaPay Account
  • Log into My eBay
  • Click on PaisaPay Account in the My Account section.
PaisaPay Account

The PaisaPay account will show you your Account Balance including:
  1. Previous Balance - This is the summary of your PaisaPay account balance for the previous months.
  2. Payment Sent - This is the value of the last payment sent to you by eBay on Account of your PaisaPay transactions.
  3. Current Balance - Amount received in your PaisaPay Account for your recent (within 7 days) orders
  4. Pending Balance - The amount payable to you in the next payment cycle
  • Click on the Amount adjacent to the Current Balance to see the recent orders received.
Current Account Balance

The Current Account Balance will show
  1. The list of recent orders/ Buyer Details
  2. The order value
  3. The PaisaPay Payment ID
  • Click on the Previous/ Pending link to get details of previous/ pending account balances