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eBay Community

eBay has a community board where users come together, share their experiences, help each other, keep up-to-date, and connect with other eBay members.

This 3 step guide will help you discover the community boards more efficiently.

Step 1: Visit the Community Hub
  1. Choose the discussion board that interests you. There are discussion boards such as New to eBay, Buying/ Selling on eBay and more. Click on either of the links to view the discussion threads open by users.

  2. Check for updates on eBay in the Announcements section.

  3. Don't miss having a look at the eBay values.

Step 2: Browse through existing discussions
  1. Add a keyword in the search box provided to find discussions on topics that interest you

  2. Click on the link of any thread to see the discussion by users.

  3. Check the number of replies on each discussion.

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Step 3: Participate in a discussion or start your own discussion
  • Click on the Post a Reply or the Post a Topic link to reply to an existing thread or start a new thread

  • You may be asked to log into your eBay account

  1. In case of a new discussion you will also have to enter a title

  2. Enter the description in the text box provided

  3. Click on Post Message

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