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What are Auctions?
Auctions are a selling format where the product is open for bidding. Interested buyers can bid their price for the product. At the end of the auction the highest bidder wins the auction. Auctions can be of the single quantity and also multiple quantity type. The available quantity will appear on the listing.

How do Multiple Quantity Auctions work?
In case of Multiple Quantity Auctions, a buyer specifies the amount he is willing to pay and the quantity he wishes to purchase.

At the end of the auction all winning bidders will pay the same price i.e. the lowest successful bid. Quantity in multiple items is not available with Auction Buy It Now format.

For Example: In a multiple quantity auction with 10 items if the highest bid is Rs.100 and the lowest bid is Rs.10, all the winners will pay Rs.10 for the product.

What are the benefits of auctions?
  • Bidders can specify their desired quantity and the lowest price they are willing to pay
  • Sellers can specify available quantity and start price
As a new seller am I eligible to list using the Auction format?
As a new seller you are eligible to list single quantity auctions. Once you receive a feedback score of 10+ ratings you can list multiple quantity auctions.
How do I list Multiple Quantity in my auctions?
To list using Auctions with multiple quantity, select the Auction format for your listing and add the quantity as 10 in the quantity box.