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Safe Trading
eBay is committed to making your trading experience safe and fun. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you can rely on eBay's advice and guidelines to help you make informed decisions with confidence and trust.

The following guidelines will help you have a safe trading experience on eBay.

  • Review a member's eBay reputation - eBay Feedback
  • Get to know your Buyer
  • What to do if something goes wrong
Review a member's eBay reputation - eBay Feedback
eBay members can leave Feedback about a transaction after buyer or selling. This Feedback is posted on each member's Feedback profile and is a key indicator of their reputation. Learn more about eBay Feedback.
Get to know your Buyer
As a seller, you should also get to know who you are doing business with. Learn more about knowing your buyer.
Protect your online accounts
  • Exercise caution when receiving communications from outside the eBay community.
  • Select a secure password that is a combination of letters and numbers to protect your account information.
  • If you receive a request to update your personal information and you feel suspicious about the source of the email, do not click on links in the email - simply open a new browser, type, sign-in, and use the Site Map to navigate the site.
  • Watch out for "spoof" emails. A spoof email may appear as though it has come from a trusted company (including eBay) - if in doubt, do not click on links from emails. Learn how to protect yourself from spoof emails.
  • Do not enter any personal information in an email.
  • If an email leads you to an external site provide such details only if you are sure the email is from a trusted site such as in the URL.
  • Regularly check your account and preferences to make sure there is no unauthorised activity.