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Global Trading
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eBay worldwide has a global presence in 39 markets & approximately 89 million active users worldwide including the U.S. Buyers in these countries typically search for the items that they want to buy on their local sites (e.g. in the United States of America, in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in India etc.) When you list your items on, your items are visible by default only to buyers searching for items on eBay India. Therefore to target international buyers, you need to ensure that your items are visible to these buyers on their local sites. There are 2 ways to make your items visible to international buyers:

  1. List your item directly on the eBay site of the international buyer (e.g. for US buyers)
  2. List your items on and select international shipping option (worldwide or to a specific continent / country)
You can use the eBay Id that you create on eBay India to trade on any eBay site around the world provided you complete a few verification checks (these are covered in detail in the "Getting Started" section).

While there are Pros and Cons for both options, we recommend that you list your items directly on the international eBay site since items listed in this way have a better chance of getting sold.
This is because:
  1. You can use Payment options that are preferred by international buyers (e.g. PayPal)
  2. You list your items in the currency that the international buyer is comfortable with
  3. You can list your products in the right categories which makes it easier for a buyer to find your item
This tutorial is designed keeping in mind that the largest market for Indian sellers on eBay is the United States of America. The examples & illustrations used in the subsequent sections of this tutorial are based on the US site i.e.