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Global Trading
Procedure to request money:
What is the right procedure to receive payments from international buyers?

"Creating an invoice" with the details of the eBay transaction will give the necessary information related to the transaction. Such transactions would qualify as non Person to Person transfers.

Creating an Invoice

How do I create a PayPal Invoice?

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Select the Request Money tab
  3. Click Create an Invoice
  4. Please avoid using the option Create a money request to receive payments from buyers.
  5. Enter the required information


  6. Click Continue
  7. Review the information and click Send Invoice to send an invoice to the buyer


    Do I need to have any specific account to create an invoice

    No. All types of PayPal accounts (Personal, Business & Premier) can allow you to create an invoice. However, for all business transactions involving exchange of goods and services, its advised to upgrade your PayPal account to a Business account as Business accounts are for buying and selling using your business or corporate name.