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  Finding Items
Include international items in your eBay searches to find:
  • More items that more closely match your specific needs.
  • More unusual items that you can't find anywhere else.
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On, the Search and Listings pages (search and browse results) default to show all items located on English sites (U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia) that the seller is willing to ship to the United States. These items will automatically appear.

You can also find items in specific countries or listed in other languages by using Advanced Search. Learn more.

Before bidding on/buying an international item:
  • Ensure that the seller is willing to ship to you. If this information is not on the View Item page, click "Ask seller a question" in the top section of the page and email the seller to find out.
  • Note the item location and shipping costs. Use a Shipping Rate Calculator to estimate costs. You will need the item's dimensions and weight. If the seller has not provided these in the item description, estimate them or email the seller for information.
  • Review the Prohibited Articles list to become familiar with import/export restrictions.