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  Communicating with Buyers
In a domestic sale, potential buyers may email you questions. Such emails provide a forum in which you can address buyer concerns, build buyer confidence, and continue to merchandise your items. The same is true when communicating with international buyers.
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However, there are some important factors to consider:
  1. Currencies
  2. Languages
  3. Time zones
Currencies: Buyers must pay you in the currency that you specify. To increase your item's appeal to international buyers, eBay also shows estimated prices in the buyer's currency. Additionally, if you offer PayPal as a payment method, buyers can send you a payment in their own currency and you can easily convert it into your currency, accept it in the buyer's currency, or reject it and ask the buyer to re-send it in your currency Learn more.

For more advanced currency conversion needs, use/direct your buyers to eBay's Currency Conversion Calculator.

Languages: Many members of the global eBay Community are comfortable communicating in English, but some are not. To minimize confusion, use simple language and avoid slang terms and abbreviations. Learn more.

Time zones: Email communication may take longer due to time zone differences. To help manage time zone complexities:
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to contact the buyer.
  • Use eBay's Time Zone Calculator to plan for time zone differences.