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  Bidding on & Buying an Item
When you buy an international item, there are some important factors you need to consider to ensure a smooth transaction:
  1. Converting currency
  2. Placing bids
  3. Making payment
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Converting currency: The default Search and Listings pages will show international items in the seller specified currency (for example, British Pounds for items being sold from the U.K.). However, eBay also enables you to view prices in your site's currency (for example, U.S. dollars for Learn more.

For additional conversion needs, use a Currency Conversion Calculator.

Placing bids: When bidding on international items or buying items:
  • Use a Shipping Rate Calculator to estimate costs prior to bidding/buying. (You will need item dimensions and weight. If the seller has not provided these in the item description, either estimate them or email the seller for information.)
  • Review the Prohibited Articles list to ensure that you are not violating import/export restrictions.
  • Remember that you must pay the amount agreed in the seller-specified currency for any auction you win/item you purchase. (Currency fluctuations may cause the price/value of the winning bid in your currency to change between the time of placing the bid and making payment.)

Making payment: Making payment: Many payment services exist to help you pay sellers quickly and easily in many different countries and currencies. For example, PayPal lets you pay sellers with a credit card (or directly from your bank account in some countries), often in your own currency (if the seller agrees). Learn more.