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Suggested Items to Sell with a Trading Assistant

Below is a list of items that Trading Assistants are often willing to sell for others on eBay. This list is by no means exhaustive-use it for ideas and inspiration as you look around your home!

Trading Assistants vary in the types of items they're willing to accept, so be sure to ask when you contact them.

Apparels & Accessories
Indian Ethnic Wear
Designer garments, purses, shoes, scarves and belts
Cameras & Optics
Digital and Film Cameras
Computer & Peripherals
Computers (PCs, laptops, Macintosh, etc.)
Flat panel monitors
Inkjet printers
UPS backup batteries
Popular software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)
Consumer Electronics
Audio components (receivers, tuners, amps, speakers, CD players, turntables, etc.)
Video components (TVs, DVD players, TiVo, etc.)
Portable players (DVD and mp3 players)
Home, Tools & Appliances
Bathroom fixtures and faucets
Toothbrush Holders
High-end cookware and utensils
China, crystal, and dinnerware
Glassware and Mugs
Small appliances (blenders, bread machines,microwave ovens, etc.)
ToolsKits, Saws
High-end vacuum cleaners
Jewellery & Watches
Gold jewellery
Diamond jewellery
Pearl jewellery
Designer wrist watches
Music & Instruments
Guitars, Drums & Percussion, Keyboard & Pianos, Harmonium etc.
Studio equipment (mics, mixers, power amps, speakers, etc.)
Fitness and Sports
Exercise Cycles, Weights, Dumbbells
Cricket gear
Golf clubs and bags by name brands
Toys & Games
Teddy bears
Electronic Toys
Travel, Tickets & Vouchers
Package Holidays
Gift Vouchers & Certificates
Video Games
Game consoles (Playstation 2, Xbox, etc.)

Trading Assistants can sell items on eBay for others. Trading Assistants operate independently as eBay sellers, and are not employees, agents or partners of eBay. Trading Assistants are responsible for complying with all eBay policies, and must meet specific requirements to be listed in the Trading Assistants Directory. Learn more about finding a Trading Assistant.