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Sell items on eBay for others

If you're an experienced eBay seller and want to help other people sell their items, you can be listed in eBay's Trading Assistants Directory. Being listed in the directory is a great way to advertise your services to people looking for help.

Joining the Trading Assistants Directory

To be listed in the directory, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You've sold at least 4 items in the past 30 days.
  • You have a feedback score of 50 or higher.
  • 90% or more of your feedback is positive.
  • Your eBay account is in good standing.

If you meet these requirements, you can create a profile in the Trading Assistants Directory by clicking the "Create/Edit Your Profile" link in the left navigation bar. You'll be able to describe your specialties, fees, terms, contact information, and drop-in hours at your location. Your profile will appear in search results when people look for Trading Assistants in your area. Joining the Trading Assistants Directory is free.

You can create more than one profile in the directory. For example, if you have several drop-off locations, you might create a profile for each location.

Working with clients

Including yourself in our Trading Assistants Directory is a lot like running a classified ad for your own independent business. Trading Assistants are not employees or contractors of eBay, nor do we endorse or approve them. eBay provides the Trading Assistants Directory to help people find Trading Assistants who can sell for them.

This means that it is completely up to you and your client to negotiate the terms of doing business. We highly recommend that you define your policies and negotiate all details in advance before you begin working with a client, such as:

  • What kinds of items do you accept? Do they need to be of a certain minimum value?
  • Does the client have a say in the starting price of the item or how it is listed?
  • What kind of fees do you charge (if any)? Your fees might vary by item size, item type, and final sale price. Do you charge fees for additional services, such as item pick-up? Are eBay's selling fees-which eBay charges to you directly, since you are the official seller of the item-included in your fees to clients?
  • When the item sells, who will ship the item to the buyer, you or the client?
  • When the item sells, how do you pass sale money on to the client. For example, do you send a cheque? If so, how soon can the client expect to receive it?
  • What's your policy if an item doesn't sell? For example, some Trading Assistants offer to donate the item to charity if the client doesn't want it back.

The more details you can establish up front, the better the experience will be for both you and your clients. For valuable tips and tools, see our Trading Assistant Toolkit and the Trading Assistants Discussion Board.

Selling on eBay as a Trading Assistant

Selling items on eBay for other people is essentially the same as selling your own items. All normal trading rules apply. As the official seller on eBay, you are responsible for accurately describing the item and following eBay's Listing Policies. You list the item, communicate with buyers, manage the listing, receive the winning buyer's payment, ensure the item reaches the buyer, give and receive feedback, etc. You are also ultimately responsible for paying eBay's selling fees, even if you choose to pass the expense on to the client as part of your overall fee to them. This is something you should discuss with the client in advance.

Once an item sells and is paid for, you can send the sale money (minus your fees) to the client.

Steps to become a Trading Assistant

  • Click on the Create / Edit your Profile link

  • Enter your location and contact information, describe your specialties, fees, payment terms and drop-in hours at your location and type of services.

  • Click on the check box to accept the terms of the Trading Assistant, then click on the Submit Profile button.

Your Profile will appear in eBay's Trading Assistant Directory

Note: Registering as a Trading Assistant on eBay is absolutely FREE. You can have multiple trading assistant profiles if you have multiple drop-off locations.

Trading Assistants can sell items on eBay for others. Trading Assistants operate independently as eBay sellers, and are not employees, agents or partners of eBay. Trading Assistants are responsible for complying with all eBay policies, and must meet specific requirements to be listed in the Trading Assistants Directory. Learn more about finding a Trading Assistant.