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Legal Considerations for Trading Assistants

If you want to offer your services as a Trading Assistant

eBay believes that Trading Assistants will come from all over the country and many counties and municipalities. Since each Trading Assistant is responsible for setting their own fee structure, we also expect a wide range of fees and services to be offered. Some local authorities have laws and regulations that may cover the types of services that Trading Assistants provide to clients. eBay does not track the laws of all local governments. Just as sellers on eBay are responsible for determining local tax laws related to selling on eBay, Trading Assistants are responsible for evaluating all local laws relating to proxy selling on eBay for others.

As a Trading Assistant, please take particular care in connection with the sale of real estate, cars, or other regulated items because some government agencies may require you to first become licensed as a broker or dealer, to assume obligations to inspect or make disclosures about the condition of the items, or to comply with other legal requirements when selling this type of item for clients. Just as you are responsible on eBay to ensure items you sell are legal to sell, you are responsible for ensuring that the services you provide to clients are legal. A consultation with an attorney may help you clarify questions you may have.

If you want to hire a Trading Assistant

Trading Assistants operate independently of eBay. While Assistants are experienced eBay sellers with a minimum feedback rating and past sales experience on eBay, eBay does not formally screen Trading Assistants to conform to a set of professional credentials. Also please note that eBay expects Trading Assistants to come from throughout the country, in many different states and municipalities. Some of these local governments may have rules and laws that limit or restrict some of the services Trading Assistants may offer. On eBay we require all sellers to ensure that the items they sell are legal to sell where they live. Similarly, as a client you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your work with a Trading Assistant is legal where you live. A consultation with an attorney may help you clarify questions you may have.

Trading Assistants can sell items on eBay for others. Trading Assistants operate independently as eBay sellers, and are not employees, agents or partners of eBay. Trading Assistants are responsible for complying with all eBay policies, and must meet specific requirements to be listed in the Trading Assistants Directory. Learn more about finding a Trading Assistant.