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Welcome to eBay Policies
There are rules that all eBay users, need to know and follow. These rules are created to protect you and to keep eBay a safe place to buy, sell, and participate in the community. It’s important to take a look at eBay's policies before you start transacting on the site.

Every user must know and practice the following policies:

 Listing Policies
It is important to familiarise yourself with eBay's listing policies before posting an item. You'll have a safe and fun selling experience knowing that your listing complies with community standards and guidelines.
Sale outside of eBay

Duplicate Listing

Key Word Spamming

Fee Circumvention

Seller Non Performance

Excessive Shipping/Handling

Feedback extortion

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Prohibited & Restricted Policies
As an eBay member, you are ultimately responsible for making sure that buying or selling an item is legal in the eyes of the law. It’s essential to check if your item is allowed on the site.
Copyrights & Trademark

Mature Audiences

Encouraging Infringement Policy

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Other Rules & Policies
There are rules that all eBay members, both buyers and sellers, need to know and follow.
Previously Suspended Users

Feedback Policy Overview

Want It Now Policies


False Contact Information

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Violations of these policies may result in one or more actions, including:
Listing cancellation/ ended listings
Limits on account privileges
Warnings / Account suspension
Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
Loss of PowerSeller status

The eBay marketplace needs rules and policies that promote order, compliance with legal requirements, and the health of the marketplace.

eBay has certain Rules and Guidelines for online sales or an e-commerce business on eBay. There are listing policies to put your product up for sale, restricted and prohibited policies for products that are not allowed to be sold on the internet. Ensure to read the policies for successful online sales.