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Benefits of Becoming a PowerSeller
How do I qualify for PowerSeller?
PowerSeller FAQ

How do I qualify for PowerSeller

PowerSeller membership is FREE to qualified sellers. eBay automatically invites qualified sellers via email.

To qualify:

  1. Sellers will now be required to have minimum of 4.5 on all DSR scores and should have limited 1s and 2s on various DSR parameters to be eligible for a PowerSeller(details below)
  2. The average GMV for a Bronze PowerSeller will be Rs. 1,44,000 GMV in last 12 months instead of Rs, 60,000 in 3 months.
  3. The average transactions for a Bronze PowerSeller will be 100 transactions in last 12 months

The new comprehensive list of minimum requirements to qualify for a PowerSeller are as follows:

  • 90 days on site
  • Account is in good standing (not past due)
  • Feedback and detailed seller ratings (DSRs) requirements (details below)
  • 100 minimum feedback
  • 98% positive feedback over the past twelve months
  • 12 month average detailed seller ratings (DSRs) of 4.5 or higher for all four DSRs - item as described, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges.
  • Rates of 1s and 2s* on DSRs with all buyers not to exceed the following rates and counts:
    • Items as described:
    • 1% or a count of 3, whichever is higher
    • Communication: 2% or a count of 3, whichever is higher
    • Ship time: 2% or a count of 3, whichever is higher
    • Shipping & handling charges: 2% or a count of 3, whichever is higher

    *The time period for evaluation for the rates of 1s and 2s on DSR is the most recent three calendar months for sellers with 400 or more transactions during those months. For all other sellers, the time period for evaluation is the most recent twelve calendar months.

    PowerSeller program eligibility is reviewed every month. To remain PowerSellers, members must:

    • Uphold eBay community values, including honesty, timeliness, and mutual respect
    • Maintain the minimum annual sales for your PowerSeller level
    • Maintain a 98% positive total feedback rating
    • Maintain an account in good financial standing
    • Comply with all eBay listing and marketplace policies

    Different tiers of PowerSellers:
    There are 5 tiers that distinguish a PowerSeller, based on their gross monthly sales. The benefits and services vary with each tier. Each month we calculate eligibility for each tier and notify members through email.

    12 month average







    Rs. 1,44,000

    Rs. 12,00,000

    Rs. 48,00,000

    Rs. 1,20,00,000

    Rs. 6,00,00,000







    eBay Policy Compliance

    eBay policy compliance is required for all PowerSellers and Top-rated sellers. To comply, you must not violate the Shill Bidding, Feedback Manipulation, or Counterfeits policies—these policies are considered severe and may result in loss of PowerSeller and Top-rated seller status for a minimum of 180 days. Additionally, repeated violations of any other eBay policies may result in the loss of PowerSeller status. The maximum number of policy violations varies by PowerSeller tier and are as follows:

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