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Benefits of Becoming a PowerSeller
How do I qualify for PowerSeller
PowerSeller FAQ

Benefits of Becoming a PowerSeller

  PowerSeller Recognition

  • Member is a Power Seller PowerSeller icon near your eBay user ID , which builds trust amongst buyers
  • Use of PowerSeller logo in your item listings and About Me pages
  • Invitations to eBay events - eg. eBay Academy
  • All PowerSellers will get access to a toll-free Phone Support facility. Eligible members will automatically receive an e-mail mentioning all details of the service.

Exclusive Offers

  • Exclusive promotions for PowerSellers only
  • Feature and tool discounts
  • PowerSeller branded packing material, including packing bags, packing tape, shipping labels and letterheads

PowerSeller Discounts for Cross Border Sellers

If you are a member of the PowerSeller Program of and have items listed on, or, starting from June 2009 you will enjoy the same seller discounts as other qualified domestic PowerSellers on, or, earning up to a 40% discount on Final Value Fee.

You can also enjoy the same site functionalities as the above PowerSellers, including:

  • The discounts will automatically be deducted from your monthly invoice, meaning you only need to pay the discounted seller fees.
  • You can check detailed information on seller discount eligibility on your Seller Dashboard.

Please note that you can choose to enjoy the PowerSeller discount offered by only one of the sites out of, eBay, and, and enjoy the PowerSeller discounts offered by that site as long as you have items listed and sold on the site and meet its requirements.

The following are the qualification requirements outlined by these sites:

The Seller Dashboard on the site you have selected will give you discount details such as, which site currently offers you the discounts as well as its eligibility requirements. This way, PowerSellers can easily keep track of the discount benefits they are entitled to. You can log onto, or to view the PowerSeller discount module in the dashboard.

The default site for new PowerSellers is if no instruction is received from you. Please contact eBay Customer Support if you want to make any change. Once your request is approved and executed, you will enjoy PowerSeller Discounts on Final Value Fee of the items you list and sell, offered by the site of your choice.


  • If your change request is executed more than 7 days before your next invoice due date, the discounts for the next invoice will be based on the site indicated in your change request.
  • If your change request is executed within 7 days before your next invoice due date, the discounts for the next invoice will still be based on the original site.

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