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Whether you list ten, a hundred, a thousand or more items, eBay's Seller Tools will add efficiency into listing and managing your eBay sales.Turbo Lister, allows you to list offline saving you both time and money. Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro help you automate the eBay selling process including listing, sending e-mails and leaving feedback.

New Turbo Lister
The FREE desktop software tool designed to make listing items faster and easier.

  • List offline - saving you money on internet connection fees and lots of time.
  • Use eBay's Designer Templates for FREE
  • Simple to use design editing so you can edit your listing as you write it
  • Save templates you create so you can use them again and again!
Turbo Lister is FREE! Learn more
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Selling Manager
Selling Manager is eBay's online after sales management tool, accessed through My eBay. It makes the after listing process much simpler.

  • Relist multiple items at once.
  • Get a one-page snapshot of your business
  • Track buying, selling and account activities
  • Reduce the time you spend on emails with custom templates
  • Print shipping labels and invoices
  • Selling Manager is free to use.
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Selling Manager Pro
Selling Manager Pro is an all-in-one seller tool to assist you with the entire sales cycle. It combines inventory management, bulk listing and after sales management.

  • Ideal for the professional seller wanting to scale their business on eBay.
  • Measure your success with monthly profit and loss reports of all your sales activity on eBay including your cost of sale.
  • Selling Manager Pro has small fee of Rs. 399 per month.
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Other Selling Tools for eBay Sellers

Marketworks* (formerly Auctionworks)

Commerce without Limits

Marketworks is a leading provider of sales automation software and marketing services for eBay sellers. Used by eBay PowerSellers globally, Marketworks is ideal for eBay sellers that have outgrown eBay tools and are looking for a more robust solution to reduce operational expenses and grow their business. Specific features include:

  • Full eBay sales automation
  • Key modules include inventory management, order processing, customer management and business intelligence and reporting
  • Product training and service
  • Best-in-class eBay listing and About Me design packages
  • Shopfront (web site)
  • Customised shopfront designs

With over four years of experience helping eBay sellers in five countries you can count on Marketworks to be your long-term software and online marketing partner.

Marketworks delivers a level of operational automation and customer service that is unsurpassed. Marketworks charges a small commission based on successful transactions (no listing fees). Visit for full details on our product, pricing and services. Learn more about Marketworks.

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Andale is the leading provider of auction management tools and services for auction sellers of all types and the sole provider of Counters to eBay. Over one million sellers across the globe trust their business to Andale.


Andale Gallery

  • Hold buyer attention within your products
  • Entice buyers to buy more of your items
  • Showcase up to 50 items in every listing
  • Cross-sell more of your items
  • Personalise your Andale Gallery with your business name & logo
  • Introduce promotional offers to attract buyer traffic and increase your sales!

Learn more about how Andale Gallery can help increase your sales.


Andale Lister

  • Ideal for every online seller, regardless of the volume of your online sales. Plans available to meet the needs of every size of seller.
  • Andale Lister will allow you to create 'stunning' ads without having to learn HTML. Easily relist already created listings using your Ad Archive feature - in bulk! Save your favourite settings for rapid ad creation.
  • Pre-create your ads up to 6 months in advance and schedule when you want them launched

Learn more about how Andale Lister can help you optimise your Online Sales


Andale Images

  • Andale Images is the ideal image hosting tool for all online sellers of any size. Just choose the plan that meets your needs.
  • Automatically import up to 25 images right in your browser and crop, resize and adjust quality of your images with our Power Uploader.
  • Easy one-click image attach to existing auctions. Just point and click to the image you want to use and list your auction number.
  • Create professional listings when you use our image layouts with our attactive Lister ad themes.
  • Display multiple images in an attractive Photo Album or use supersized images - for free.
  • Store your images for use again and again.

Learn more about how Andale Images can help you optimise your Online Sales

* Please note that Marketworks and Andale are not eBay companies. When installing and using third party software such as this, please make sure you read and agree to, and necessary license terms. eBay accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or other problems to your system that may arise from the installation or use of third party software.


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Get easy to use tools to manage your online business faster and more effectively. You will find tools such as Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro, auction software, bulk listing, bulk feedback, easy order management process, automated business, automated emails, and easy automated invoices for online transactions. Download / subscribe to these tools today to start managing your business more effectively!