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eBay File Exchange is an advanced selling tool designed for high-volume sellers who want to upload their inventory directly to eBay using a Microsoft Excel-compatible .csv or tab-delimited file. You can use eBay File Exchange to add, revise, relist, and end items in bulk, as well as perform post-sale management tasks such as leaving feedback and identifying items as “paid” or “shipped”.

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User Guide
  • Allows you to list and manage listings via .csv (comma-separated values) or tab-delimited file.
  • Enables file transfers from your eBay File Exchange File Management Center page or programmatically by script.
  • Supports item specifics in all eBay categories.
  • Allows you to list books, movies, music and video games using EAN numbers by automatically inserting item specifics as part of your listing.
  • Provides up to 15MB file size per upload.
  • Creates results reports to notify you regarding successful and unsuccessful listings.
Qualifications for Program
eBay File Exchange is free to all eligible sellers (normal eBay listing fees apply). To qualify for eBay File Exchange, you must:
  • Be a registered member of eBay for at least 90 days.
  • List at least 50 listings a month in any category.
You must maintain eligibility for at least one of the three preceding months. If your account falls below the minimum eligibility requirements, it will be placed on watch status for at least one month to give you an opportunity to regain eligibility.
Requirements for eBay File Exchange Usage

To manage your listing successfully using eBay File Exchange, eBay strongly recommends that you have:

  • A strong prior history and understanding of eBay listing formats, features, and rules.
  • Any inventory management software program or application that is compatible with .csv or tab-delimited file formats, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.
  • Proficiency using spreadsheets or databases and an understanding of file upload and download concepts.
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