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Sell locally to buyers near you! Trade locally in your area and arrange for local delivery or pick-up. Consider local trading for items such as:

- Large, bulky items like cars, appliances, and furniture
- Fragile items like glassware, computers, and chandeliers
- Items of local interest like mobile accessories and Jewellery

Local Trading Information

How can I sell locally?
When you list your item for sale, be sure to select the region where the item is located. (If you don't live in one of the areas on the region list, but there is one nearby, select that region.) By selecting the region, not only will your item appear in eBay's "Located in India" search results and listings, but it will also appear in local/regional search results and listings - at no extra charge.

How can I buy locally?
You can find items near you by searching regionally through Advanced Search.