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  New Withdrawals Features Available with PayPal


Withdraw Funds to Your Bank Account or Your Visa ® Credit Card

eBay's online payment division and the global leader in online payments, PayPal, has added two new withdrawal features for its Indian members. Now, eBay members using PayPal can conveniently withdrawal funds or transfer balances from their PayPal account using one of the following new methods:

1. Withdraw funds into an Indian bank account

2. Transfer a balance to a Visa ® branded credit card

To learn more on bank account withdrawal, click here.

To learn more about transferring a balance to a Visa ® branded credit card, click here.

These are the 2 processes for adding a bank account and to withdraw funds. These are the new questions which we will address

Q: How do I add a bank account?

A: "Setting up a new Bank Account" click here

Q: Can I add multiple bank accounts

A: You can add up to 8 bank accounts to your PayPal account click Here

Q: How do I withdraw funds to my bank account

A: "Withdraw from you account" click here

Q: Can I edit my existing bank details in the PayPal account

A: You can only add or delete your account click Here