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We can help you raise money!
eBay India Charity Fundraising program’s aim is to provide Indian NGOs, an efficient and cost-effective way to raise funds and reach a passionate and active community of millions.
For NGOs this is an easy way to raise funds and create awareness by selling items to millions of people around the world and raise money for their specific causes. Here’s how…
Registering on eBay!
The first thing you need to do is to register, it is easy and it is free!
We suggest that you create your User ID to a name relevant to your NGOs. name.
Adding in words like NGO / India to your NGO name will enable people to identify with it incase it has low brand awareness
Keep it small yet one that clearly states the cause
Offer PaisaPay as a payment method. eBay recommends offering PaisaPay as a fast, easy, and secure way to accept credit
card or checking account payments on eBay (Selling with PaisaPay)
Create 'About Me' and ‘My World’ pages
After completing the registration process you can create your own information page or ‘'About Me'’ and My World Page to pro-
vide information about your NGO and your auctions.
There is a step-by-step guide which leads you through the process, you can choose from three different layouts, and then you
just enter your information as you go. You can make your page as simple or as sophisticated as you like.enter your information
as you go. You can make your page as simple or as sophisticated as you like.
Once created, we will link to your About Me page from the eBay India Charity Fundraising page. It is your space to promote your
NGO. For an example of a previous About Me page, take a look at the NanhiKali About me Page on the site.
Listing your item
Your next step is to list your item! Simply click on the 'Sell' button on the navigation bar on any page, or go to the Sell Your Item
form and follow the instructions.
We recommend that you take our step by step, guided tour on How to Sell
Things to keep in mind while listing
Make sure the item is legal and allowed. If you are not sure that your item is allowed, check eBay's policies on prohibited,
questionable and infringing items.
NGO sellers have to list their items in the
- Category - Everything Else
- Sub category - Charity
  Imagine you were the buyer when you prepare the title and description for your listing. What would you want to know about the
item? What are its most appealing characteristics? What words might buyers use to search for your item? Keep the item close by in case you need to add information to your description
Provide a paragraph note on your NGO –
- Include information such as the mission, strategy, and beneficiaries of your NGO in your item description.

Take one or more pictures of your item in a well-lit area. Effective pictures that are sharp and bright will help sell your item.
Save time by composing your item description in a word authoring program first, and then pasting it into the item description
area in the Sell Your Item form. Be clear and complete, but use short sentences that are easy to read. Including specific
details about the item, such as dimensions, shipping, and payment etc. may help reduce the number of email questions
you receive about your item.
You can even list Donations on the site.
  While listing for Donation clearly state the cause Eg: “Donation for child welfare, Donation for women etc.”
It is advisable to include the 80G redemption and add in information on the required time for the buyer to receive the receipts
Always include information on the NGO, its mission, purpose and benefit
Promoting your NGO
Once the NGO is registered with eBay India, we will put up a logo of the NGO on our eBay India Charity Fundraising page.