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What's New with Feedback
What's new in Feedback Profiles?
When you click on the number in parentheses next to any member ID, you'll now see a new, enhanced Feedback Profile. At a glance, you can see the most recent and relevant information about a user — and you can now leave repeat Feedback to contribute more than once to that user's overall Feedback Score.

See the scores and ratings that matter the most

The revamped Feedback Profile contains all the information of the old design, but we've organized it to help you see recent numbers and notes that matter the most.
  • Feedback Score information appears at the top near the user's name and image. This gives you a quick view of how long the user has been a member and all the ratings the member has earned since first joining.
  • Recent Feedback Ratings show you how the member has been performing in the past 1, 6, and 12 months.
  • Detailed Seller Ratings help give you fast insight into a seller's performance.
Your Feedback counts now more than ever

Members can now leave Feedback for each other more than once, and that Feedback may count towards members' overall Feedback Scores.

Members have always been able to leave repeat Feedback for each other, but that Feedback was only calculated in members' Feedback Scores once. This was the plan to keep Feedback fair and useful for the entire community.

To help keep Feedback Scores fair with our revised approach, members can now leave Feedback again, and, as long as the transactions members are leaving Feedback for occurred in separate weeks, the repeat Feedback will be calculated in members' Feedback Scores. For Feedback, eBay defines a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time.

For example, a buyer wins an item on Tuesday, then receives it and gives the seller positive Feedback on Thursday. If the buyer wins another item that week with the same seller, the Feedback the buyer leaves will not count toward the seller's Feedback Score. But if the buyer wins another item the following Tuesday, the Feedback will count toward the seller's Feedback Score.

Repeat Feedback is a great way for buyers to reward their favorite sellers with the recognition they deserve. The one-week limit helps keep the system fair and makes sure that buyers and sellers and their Feedback continue to help keep eBay a safe and fun place to buy and sell.

Be sure to leave Feedback for every transaction. And remember — as long as your repeat transactions occur in separate weeks, your Feedback will be calculated in the other member's Feedback Score.
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