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Policies and Rules
Our policies are the rules and guidelines that create a safe and fair trading environment for all eBay members. It's important to familiarise yourself with these policies regularly since they can change from time to time. Learning about these policies will help you meet various legal obligations and assist you in trading with reliable, trustworthy buyers and sellers.
Please note: If you don't comply with these policies eBay may take certain steps against you and your account usage. You may also be subject to law enforcement investigation or legal action for not complying with these policies.
User Agreement

The eBay User Agreement details the contractual relationship between you and eBay, and the terms and conditions under which we offer our services to you. When you become an eBay member and sign up for an eBay account you voluntarily accept the User Agreement and its associated policies. Read the User Agreement

Protecting your privacy

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. You must read and agree to the terms of eBay's Privacy Policy before becoming an eBay member.

Rules for buyers

eBay's rules help our members have a safe and enjoyable trading experience on eBay. So before you bid or buy, make sure you read the rules for buyers.

Rules for sellers

Being a responsible seller helps you build a good reputation among buyers, increase your Feedback Score and sell successfully on eBay. Our rules for sellers and our prohibited and restricted items policy help ensure items sold on eBay are safe and inoffensive.

Rules for everyone

In order to make sure that everyone who participates in the eBay marketplace has a safe and enjoyable experience we've developed rules for everyone. They apply to buyers, sellers, community board participants and even eBay employees. Please take the time to read these rules and policies before using eBay.

Feedback policies

Since your feedback is a key indicator of your trading record on eBay, we have created policies to guard against inappropriate feedback. Read about our feedback policies.

Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program

The free VeRO program helps reduce the likelihood of using the internet to trade counterfeit items by helping intellectual property owners report listings that infringe their rights. Read the VeRO policy.

Protecting your identity

Protecting the identity of our members is an important aspect of safe trading on eBay. Learn the rules and policies that help protect your online identity.