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Fees: Charges For Selling Your Items on eBay

Click here to view the Fees applicable from 1st April 2007

Basic Fees
When you list an item on eBay, no insertion fee is charged (except for 'International Listing Fee' and 'Services and Real Estate'). If the item sells, you are charged a Final Value Fee .

Insertion Fees

Site or Category

Insertion Fee

On the India Site (non- Services and Real Estate)


* Insertion fees are applicable in the Mobiles & Accessories category. To view the fees, click here .

Services and Real Estate Categories

Insertion Fee 30 Days

Insertion Fee 90 Days


Rs. 30.00

Rs. 60.00

Residential Property for Sale

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 400.00

Residential Rentals, Lease

Rs. 100.00

Rs. 200.00

Commercial Real Estate

Rs. 200.00

Rs. 400.00

* The above fees are applicable only if you list a service or real estate using the Classified Ad Format listing. Services or real estate listed with auction-style or Buy It Now listing will be charged a flat rate insertion fee of Rs.200.00, irrespective of the duration of the listing.

International Listing Fee

Type of Listing

Starting or Reserve Price

International Listing Fee

Single Item

Rs. 0.01 - 4,000.00

Over Rs. 4,000.01

Rs. 15.00

Rs. 30.00

Multiple Item

Rs. 0.01 - 4,000.00

Over Rs. 4,000.01

Rs. 15.00 X Quantity Purchased

Rs. 30.00 X Quantity Purchased

Note: The maximum insertion fee for any Multiple Item Listing is Rs. 90.00.

Final Value Fees

Closing Price

Final Value Fee

Item not sold

No final value fee

Rs. 0.01 - Rs. 4,000.00

5% of the closing price, minimum Rs. 3.00

Over Rs. 4,000.01

5% of the initial Rs. 4,000.00 (Rs. 200.00), plus 2.5% of the remaining closing value

Cars, Motorcycles and other Vehicles

1% of closing price

Real Estate

No Final Value Fee

The Mobiles & Accessories Category has a different Final Value Fee structure. To view the fees, click here .

The Final Value Fee for a Multiple Item Auction (Dutch Auction) , is determined by taking the Final Value Fee of the lowest successful bid and multiplying it by the number of items sold. Multiple Item Fixed Price listing is calculated per item sold, based on the final sale price of the item.

Note: Reserve fees are additional. Reserves are only available in select vehicle categories. For more information, see below .

Optional Feature Fees

You can add optional features to help increase bids and chances of selling success.

Reserve Fees (fully refunded if item sells):

Reserve Price


Rs. 0.01 - Rs. 5,000.00

Rs. 50.00

Rs. 5,000.01 and up

1% of Reserve Price (up to Rs. 250)

Listing Upgrade Fees






Rs. 0.25


Rs. 5.00

Listing Designer



Rs. 15.00

Item Subtitle

Rs. 2.00

Featured Plus!

Rs. 60.00


Rs. 5.00

Gallery Featured

Rs. 50.00

Buy It Now

Rs. 1.00

Home Page Featured

Rs. 150.00

Scheduled Listings *

Rs. 0.50

Quantity of 2 or more

Rs. 300.00

10-Day Duration

Rs. 25.00

List in Two Categories **


* There is no Scheduled Listings fee for Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro, and Shop users.

**Double the listing upgrades fees (excluding Scheduled Listing and Home Page Featured, to list in two categories.)

eBay Picture Services Fees



First 3 pictures


Each additional picture

Rs. 2.00

Preview Picture


Picture Show

Rs. 3.00

Supersize Picture

Rs. 10.00

Picture Pack (1-6)

Rs. 12.00

2nd Picture Pack (7-12)

Rs. 18.00

Seller Tool Fees

Seller Tool




Selling Manager (Free 30 - day trial.)*

Rs. 200.00

Selling Manager Pro (Free 30 - day trial.)**

Rs. 500.00

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