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Upcoming changes in Selling flows, Checkout and My PaisaPay

As we prepare for the upcoming launch of PowerShip initiative for making shipping much easier for our sellers, there are a few changes which will be rolling out on

These changes will impact buyers and sellers whether or not they are part of the PowerShip program.

Changes in selling

  1. Permissible shipping service combinationsfor Paisapay and PaisaPay (and EMI) as a payment method are
    • Local
    • National
    • Local and National
    • Flat-rate
    • Surface
    • Local and Surface
    • National and Surface
    • Local and National and Surface
    • Flat-rate and Surface
    Apart from that Cash on Delivery and Buyer Picks up and pays can be used with any of the above combinations
  2. Cash on Delivery will be made available only to sellers under the PowerShip program. Post June 06th if you are not a part of PowerShip you will be unable to list or relist/revise your COD listings.
  3. Surface as a New Shipping method will be available on select categories only. Please see here a list of categories:
    Categories Eligible for Surface Shipments
    Meta Fitness & Sports
    L2 Exercise & Fitness L3 Cardio Equipment
    L3 Weight Training
    L3 Yoga
    Meta Kitchen & Home Appliances
    L2 Home Appliances L3 Steamers & Rice Cookers
    L3 Vacuum Cleaners
    L3 Electric Cookware
    L3 Electric Food Processors
    L3 Coffee Makers
    L3 Water Filters
    L3 Mixers
    L3 Ovens
    L3 Sewing Machine
    L2 Kitchen L3 Pressure Cookers
    Meta Consumer Electronics
    L2 LCD, LED & Plasma TVs L3 LCD TVs
    L3 LED TVs
    L3 3D LED TVs
    L3 Plasma TVs
    L3 Color TVs
    L2 Home Appliances L3 Air Conditioners
    L3 Air Coolers & Fans
    L3 Food Processers
    L3 Heater
    L3 Inverters
    L3 Ironing
    L3 Juicer
    L3 Microwaves
    L3 Mixers & Blenders
    L3 Refrigerators
    L3 Toasters
    L3 Vacuum Cleaners
    L3 Washing Machines
    L3 Other Home Appliances
    L2 Home Theatre & Accessories L3 DVD Home Theatres Systems
    L3 Home Theatre Speakers
    L3 Other Home Theatre
    L3 Home Theatre Receivers
    Meta Musical Instruments
    L2 Guitar
    L2 Music Keyboards & Synthesizers
    L2 Amplifiers
    L2 Recording & Studio Equipment
    L2 Brass Instruments
    L2 Drums & Percussion
    L2 Electronic Equipment
    L2 Harmonium
    L2 Stringed Instruments
    L2 Wind Instruments
    L2 Other Instruments

Changes in Checkout

  1. Octroi messaging for buyers from states where Octroi is applicable
  2. Non PowerShip Sellers will have the ability to restrict checkout to buyers in particular states where the LP may have trouble accessing and servicing

Sellers whether or not they are a part of the PowerShip Program will will see a few changes in their My PaisaPay interface as described here

  1. The various sorting filters indicating the transaction status of your orders will now be accessible on the left hand side of the page. The selection tabs include All Sold, Unshipped, Delivery Awaited, Items Delivered & Refunds/Exceptions.
  2. ‘Print Manifest’ tab on the top right of the Transaction Summary Page will a download of information on orders marked as Ready to Ship on a particular Date.
  3. The ‘Download’ tab on the top right of the Transaction Summary Page lets you print an overview of the transaction Summary Page.
  4. The ‘Sort by Payment’ Status icon will be removed in the new interface.
  5. The Transaction Search Filters by Date, Order Status, Order Type and Courier will be moved to the bottom left of the Transaction Summary Page.

The Old Interface for Sellers

The New Interface

Editing Shipping Preferences

Here, you can set your shipping preferences as follows:

  1. If you wish to combine the Shipping Label along with the Order Statement while marking the order as Ready to Ship, select the ‘combined with the order statement’ option. However, if you want to print these documents separately, select ‘separately from the order statement’.
  2. You can also choose to view your ‘Pending’ orders in the list of ‘All Transactions’.

State Exclusions