1. What is PIN?
PIN is a 4 digit numeric value which needs to be typed in to access your PAYBACK account.

2. How do I know what my PIN is?
First time users can generate the pin by clicking on ‘Generate first time pin’ link
In case of any difficulty, please contact PAYBACK @ 1860-258-5000 for assistance.

3. I am not registered; can I still get a PIN?
PAYBACK members have to register your PAYBACK card number (@ to access their PAYBACK account. Once, you do that, you can generate the first time PIN on the ebay page while placing your order

4. How can I reset my PIN?
A. You can call Payback Call Center @ 1860-258-5000 and request for a PIN reset.

4. I have forgotten my PIN, how can I get a new PIN?
A. You can go to the PAYBACK portal login page ( and click on Forgot my PIN link.
B. You can call our Call Center @ 1860-258-5000 and request for a PIN reset.




In case you suspect the PIN has become known, please change your PIN immediately.

Disclose your PIN to any person either intentionally or otherwise.

Write down your PIN anywhere or save it on your PCs, laptops or any other communication devices.


Choose a predictable combination as PIN as it will be prone to misuse.


Share your PAYBACK/i-mint card number with others, as it is your personal and confidential information.