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What to do when a buyer doesn't pay (unpaid item process)

We want you to be happy with your selling experience. If you don't receive payment for an item you've sold, we're here to help with guidelines and tools for resolution. If you haven’t received payment after 4 days, here’s what to do.

If your problem isn't resolved

  • If the buyer didn't pay, you may be credited for the final value fee.

  • You can extend a Second Chance Offer to another bidder.

  • You can relist the item (and you may be credited for the insertion fee as well as the final value fee).

  • If you want a refund for your credit, see Requesting a refund.

  • When you close the case, our Trust and Safety team is automatically alerted. Actions may include recording unpaid items on the buyer's account, which can lead to limits or loss of buying privileges.

  • The buyer can appeal the unpaid item.

If you suspect fraud, report the buyer.

If you think your buyer bought or tried to buy an item fraudulently, read the fraud information on the Avoiding payment problems page and report the buyer. We don’t provide mediation, collect payment, or otherwise force a member to complete a transaction. We will, however, review reports of attempts to purchase items using fraudulent funds and take appropriate action in accordance with our rules and policies.

You can also:

  • Contact local law enforcement in your area, as well as the buyer's area. We’ll cooperate with any investigation after you've closed a case in the Resolution Center.

  • File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Note: After the introduction of the new UPI process, email communications with your customers will be clearer and more neutral in tone. For example, we no longer refer to "unpaid item strikes." The consequences for buyers haven't changed—just how we communicate them. Emails will come from eBay directly and there will be fewer emails, and fewer pages to fill out in general.

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