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Refunding Your Buyer

Sometimes, a situation may arise where the best option is to issue a refund to your buyer. When you decide to make a refund to the buyer, we recommend you contact your buyer to arrange the best method for issuing a refund.

In most cases, refunds can be issued using the same payment method the buyer used to purchase the item. However, buyers and sellers should work together to determine the best refund method for a particular situation.

Receiving a Final Value Fee Credit

Issuing a refund to a buyer does not automatically generate a request for a Final Value Fee credit from eBay. To request a Final Value Fee credit, you must complete the Unpaid Item Process. This process allows the seller to receive a Final Value Fee credit without negatively affecting the buyer’s eBay account.

In the Unpaid Item Process, select the following as an explanation for the Unpaid Item dispute:

  • Why are you reporting this Unpaid Item? We have both agreed not to complete the transaction.

  • What has happened so far in the dispute? The buyer has returned or is returning the item for a refund.

With this option, the buyer does not receive an Unpaid Item strike, the seller receives a Final Value Fee credit, and the item is eligible for a relist credit.

For more information, see the Unpaid Item Process page.

Contacting Your Buyer

To contact your buyer by email:
  1. Click the My eBay button at the top of most eBay pages. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. Click the Sold link on the left side of the page under the "All Selling" heading.

  3. Locate the item for which you are issuing a refund.

  4. From the the “Action” column pull-down menu, choose the “Contact Buyer” link.

  5. Complete the form with your message to the buyer. Click the Send button when finished.

Note: If using Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, select the box next to the item for which you are issuing a refund, and then click the Email button at the top of the “Sold Items” section.

To contact your buyer by phone:

If you don't get an email response, you can request your buyer's contact information, including a phone number.

Contact Customer Service

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