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Selling with PaisaPay

PaisaPay is the fast, easy, and secure way to receive payments on eBay. When you list your item with PaisaPay as a payment method, your buyers can pay you securely online with a credit card, debit card, through online bank transfer, mobile payment or offline through Cash On Delivery.

Key benefits

  • EMI payments on ICIC I, HDFC, Standard Chartered Bank, Axis Bank and Citibank credit cards: You can offer your buyers the convenience of paying in 3 or 6 monthly instalments. Learn more about EMI payments

  • Ease and convenience: Your buyers’ payments will be transferred online to your PaisaPay account as soon as the buyer confirms receipt of the item and remitted to you twice a week. So you get your payments faster.

  • Protection from chargebacks: PaisaPay protects sellers from chargebacks due to unauthorised card usage. Learn more about PaisaPay's Chargeback policy

  • Easy international payments: If you offer worldwide shipping on your products, then PaisaPay is the easiest and safest way to accept payments from your international buyers. You can receive instant and confirmed payments without any delays.

  • Higher payment fulfilment: With PaisaPay, you have the assurance of receiving confirmed payments on your items. Especially when you offer PaisaPay with Buy It Now items, your listing will not end unless the buyer completes payment.

  • Convenient tracking of PaisaPay transactions: You can easily track the status of your transaction and keep track of important actions and timelines with your My PaisaPay and Transaction Details pages.

  • Mobile payments: Mobile Payments via PaisaPay are the quickest and easiest way to buy items on eBay! Just select the item you wish to purchase and pay using various Online Payment options, including Airtel Money and Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS).

Convenience of offering Cash on Delivery (COD) - You can easily ship your products through eBay’s assigned shipping partners and get your payments online along with your PaisaPay remittance.

Note: COD is available only to selected Sellers, who are located in the area serviceable by the eBay Logistics Service Provider. Click here to see the list of supported locations.

Helpful resources

Registering for PaisaPay

To be able to sell on eBay, all sellers will be required to offer PaisaPay as a payment method on their listings. For new sellers, who have less than 20 listings, PaisaPay will be the only payment method that can be offered.

If you’re a new seller or are an existing seller, you will need to register for the new and enhanced PaisaPay by clicking the My PaisaPay link in your My eBay. Learn in detail about registering for PaisaPay

How does a PaisaPay transaction work?

Process for Online Payments:

  • Step 1: Buyer pays for the item using PaisaPay (credit card or online bank transfer). PaisaPay confirms the payment and advises you to ship the item

  • Step 2: You ship the item and provide shipping details (courier name etc) in your My PaisaPay.
    Note: If you do not enter shipping details, your payment will be refunded to the buyer. Learn in detail about shipping and delivering PaisaPay items

  • Step 3: Buyer receives the item and confirms to PaisaPay that the item was delivered.

  • Step 4: PaisaPay transfers the payment to your PaisaPay account, which is sent periodically online to your registered bank account, as per your Remittance Member Status.

To understand the details of how different scenarios work, we recommend using the PaisaPay tutorial

Process for Cash on Delivery payment:

  • Step 1: When you are ready to ship your item to the buyer, print a shipping label no later than 3 days from the date buyer confirms the order for the transaction. Once you print the shipping label, your order shall be marked as “Ready to Ship” in your My PaisaPay dashboard in your eBay Account. This is a mandatory step and if not performed, may result in the cancellation of your order.

  • Step 2: Paste the shipping label on the parcel before you hand over the same to the Logistic Partner, failing which the Logistic partner shall refuse to pick up the item / product from you for delivery to Your buyer. Ensure that you keep the parcel is ready well before the Logistic Partner arrives for pick up.

    Note: Logistic Partners normally pick up parcels by 5:00 pm in the evening.

  • Step 3: Handover the parcel along with the valid shipping documents to the Logistic Service Provider. Please ensure to indicate the PaisaPay ID and the Airway Bill number on the parcel.

  • Step 4: The Logistic Partner will collect the transaction amount from buyer in cash at the time of parcel delivery.

  • Step 5: PaisaPay will remit the amount to Permitted seller post reconciling payments received from the courier partner as per your Remittance Member Status.

  • Step 6: Leave feedback (optional, but encouraged).

  • Step 7: Seller to pay eBay fees.

What are the charges for selling with PaisaPay?

For sellers, there is a fee for each payment completed through PaisaPay. However, there are no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no minimum charge requirements. See fees for selling with PaisaPay

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