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Sending Buyer Email

Using Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro you can email your buyers individually or in bulk from the Sold View, Archived View, and the sales record for a listing. You can also use templates to email your buyers so that you don't always have to re-type the same messages.

Selling Manager Pro subscribers: you can automatically generate email messages to your buyers, by updating your Automation Preferences.

Using Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro you can:

Sending your buyer email

You can email a buyer using the Sold View, Archived View, or through the sales record associated with the buyer.

To email a buyer:

  1. From the Sold or Archived View, click the email address of the buyer you want to email. (Or from the buyer's sales record, click the Email Buyer button.) An Email Buyer page opens.

  2. Verify that your email address and the buyer's email address are accurate.
    You can edit your own email address by clicking the edit link. You can edit the buyer's email address through the sales record.

  3. From the Template drop-down list, select the template for the message that you want.

  4. If you want a copy of the email, check the Send a copy of email to me box.

  5. If you want to edit the Subject of the email, make your changes directly in the Subject text box.

  6. If you want to edit the message body, make your changes directly in the Message text box. Note: Any changes that you make to an individual email will not be saved to the email's template. To save changes to an email template, edit the email template.

  7. Click the Send email button to send the message.
    Depending on where you accessed the email feature, you will be taken to your Sold or Archived View, and an Email sent successfully message will display. The number in the email status column will be increased to show that you sent an email to that buyer.

Editing email templates

Your Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro account comes with 2 standard templates you can edit for common post-sales questions and tasks:

  • Order confirmation

  • Order update (once the item has shipped)

In addition, there are other emails the eBay automatically sends to buyers that can't be edited:

  • Item won: eBay sends this after your buyer wins an item

  • Feedback reminder: eBay sends this email after the purchase if the buyer hasn't already left Feedback.

  • Purchase reminder: eBay sends this email 48 hours after the purchase if the buyer hasn't already paid. If you want, you can turn this email off.

Note: The Selling Manager purchase reminder email is not the same as the automatic payment reminder email eBay sends out

To edit an email template:

  1. Click the Automation Preferences link on the left side of the page. Click the Edit link next to the template you want to modify. Note: If the template has a Preview link it can't be edited.

  2. You can make changes to the subject or message fields by typing in the corresponding text box.

  3. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Sending mail in bulk

You can email as many as 200 buyers at one time from the Sold View.

To send email in bulk:

  1. In the Sold View, check the box next to the listings that you want to send a bulk email
    To auto-select all of your Sold items, check the box in the heading bar above your listings.

  2. Click the Email button. The Email Buyers page opens.

  3. Select the template you would like to send to your buyers.

  4. To preview each email, click on the navigation links ( Next > ) to preview each of the emails that will be sent to your buyers.

  5. When you are satisfied with the emails, click the Send Emails button.

  6. Once your bulk emails are processed, the email logs of the sold listings for which you successfully sent email will be updated.
    For Selling Manager Pro subscribers: An alert will be generated on the Summary view for the emails that encountered an error during processing.

Turning off the Selling Manager purchase reminder email

If you don't want Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro to send out the automatic purchase reminder email, you can turn this feature off. Here's how:

  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then select Site Preferences.

  3. Scroll down to Manage communications with buyers, and then click the Edit link.

  4. Clear the check box next to the option to Send eBay purchase reminder emails to buyers.

  5. Click the Apply button.

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