Store Inventory Format

How it works
If you have an eBay Store, you can list your item in this format at a set Buy It Now price.

  • Listings have a different fee structure than Online Auction-style and Fixed Price listings: Lower up-front listing fees for each 30-day period, regardless of quantity.

  • Higher Final Value Fees if a sale occurs.

  • Listings can have an unlimited duration: You choose whether you want a listing to end after 30 days or a Good ‘Til Cancelled duration (renews automatically every 30 days until the item sells or you end the listing).

  • Listings have less visibility in regular eBay search and browse results than Online Auction and Fixed Price listings.

  • Listing upgrade features have a different visibility level and fee structure.

  • While Store Inventory listing upgrade features always appear in your Store view, these features only surface in regular eBay search and browse results in specific instances.

  • The Gallery picture feature and Item Subtitle feature have lower fees than Fixed Price or Online Auction-style listings.

Visibility of Store Inventory Listings

Store Inventory listings appear together with other listing formats in the following areas:

  • Your eBay Store

  • Seller’s Other Items (accessed by clicking the "View seller's other items" link on any item listing page)

  • eBay Stores search results

Store Inventory listings also appear at the end of results, after all matching Online Auction-style and Fixed Price listings in the following areas:

  • Regular eBay search and browse results when:

    • There are less than 30 Online Auction-style and Fixed Price listings returned in a search.

    • The "All items including Store Inventory" or "Store Inventory items only" check boxes are selected in the Search Options box.

  • Product Details (Catalog) pages (when seller uses Pre-filled Item Information)

Like other selling formats, items in Store Inventory format have an Insertion Fee, and if the item sells, a Final Value Fee. See our main Fees page more details.

Listing upgrade fees
There are also fees for adding optional features. See our main Fees page for more details.