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All about Feedback

Feedback represents your reputation as an eBay member. It’s made up of comments and ratings left by other members you’ve bought from and sold to. Find out how Feedback works.

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If you’ve received negative Feedback, try to tell your side of the story by replying to the Feedback. There are a few special situations when we’ll remove Feedback.
Feedback can be left only for registered members. A member might not be registered because the member’s account was suspended or because the member decided to close the account. However, the item will stay on My eBay for 60 days. If the member’s account is reinstated or if the member cancels the account closure, you can leave Feedback.
You can leave Feedback for the same member multiple times, once per transaction. The way your rating affects the member’s Feedback Score depends on whether the transactions occurred in the same week. Learn more about how Feedback works.

Help topics


How Feedback works
For each transaction, buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback. Feedback consists of a rating and a short comment.

Feedback scores, stars, and your reputation
When you understand how the numbers in a member's Feedback Profile are calculated, it's easier to evaluate a member's reputation.

Finding a member’s Feedback
Learn how to find someone’s Feedback. 

Detailed seller ratings
Besides leaving a general rating, buyers can rate a seller’s performance in four specific areas.

Losing Feedback privileges
To keep our marketplace fair and safe, there are a few situations when members can’t post Feedback.

Feedback removal
Ratings and comments are generally a permanent part of a member’s Feedback Profile. However, there are a few situations when we might remove Feedback.


Feedback and the eBay community 
Learn more about our Feedback system and how to get the most out of our community resources.

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How to

Using My eBay to leave and view Feedback
Learn how to leave Feedback, and see the Feedback you’ve left and received.

Responding to Feedback and adding follow-up comments
You can respond to Feedback you’ve received or leave a follow-up comment to Feedback you left.

Reviewing Feedback a member left for others
Seeing what a member says about others can give you valuable information before you trade with them.

Requesting Feedback revisions
Learn how sellers can ask buyers to revise the Feedback they’ve left.

Revising a seller’s Feedback
Find out what to do when a seller asks you to revise Feedback.

Making your Feedback Profile public (or private)
Letting potential trading partners see your public Feedback comments creates trust and increases your sales.

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