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Managing Your Shopping Cart

Your Shopping Cart allows you to add items and combine the purchases into a single order. All Buy It Now items that offer PaisaPay as a payment method can be added to your cart. This means buying items from your cart is quick, convenient and safe.

The items in your shopping cart are grouped according to the seller you’re purchasing from (section A in the image). You can see details about the order from each seller.

You also have the following useful links for each item:

  • View shipping details: Use this link to view the shipping methods that the seller offers and the cost of each method. If the seller offers shipping insurance or has added sales tax/VAT to the shipping cost, these will also be mentioned. You can also see if the seller offers any shipping discounts on multiple purchases.

  • Remove: This link will delete an item from your shopping cart. If you wish to go ahead and pay for just select items in your cart, click on remove to drop the items you do not wish to buy from the cart.

If you want to continue shopping, click on ‘Shop more’.

When you’re ready to buy from a seller, click the Continue button below the seller’s items.

Points to remember:

  • Items will remain in your cart until the listing ends. If an item that you added to your cart ends, you can no longer purchase it.

  • Items in your cart are yours as soon as you complete the payment for them. There may be a chance that another buyer buys an item that you added to your cart before you decide to pay for it. We recommend completing the purchase of items in your shopping cart immediately to avoid the disappointment of losing it.

  • If you’ve not accessed your cart for 5 days, you will receive a mail reminding you to complete the purchase of the items. At the end of 7 days after you last accessed your cart, items in your cart are automatically removed.

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