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Buying Internationally

eBay is a worldwide marketplace that connects you with sellers from around the globe. On eBay, the process for buying internationally is similar to the process for buying an item within your own country. However, there are a few additional factors to think about. The following advice can help you feel more confident when making an international purchase.

Finding items – Include international items in your eBay searches to find unusual items you can’t find anywhere else. Learn how to search for unique items all over the world.

Communicating with sellers – When buying internationally, you may run into differences with currencies, time zones and languages. Find out how to communicate effectively with sellers from other countries.

Bidding and buying internationally - Ensure a smooth transaction with these tips on converting currency, placing bids and making payments. You can also take advantage of eBay tools such as the Currency Conversion Calculator and the Shipping Rate Calculator.

Receiving international items - Read about the extra steps involved when shipping and receiving international items, including customs and international documentation.

Managing risk – From carefully reviewing the seller’s feedback to using escrow, find out how you can minimise your trading risk, regardless of geographic distance.

If you’re ready to buy internationally, begin your search now.

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