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Making a Best Offer

Currently for eBay India, Best Offer is available only on Calling Cards, Jewellery & Diamonds and Watches.

If you see the Make Offer button in the listing below the Buy it Now price, the seller has decided to consider Best Offers from buyers. A seller chooses to receive Best Offers when creating a listing for an item. Best Offer is an option available for Buy it Now items that allows you to make an offer to buy the item at a price that you select. The seller can accept, decline or counteroffer your Best Offer.

Important: If the Make Offer button does not appear on the listing, the seller is not interested in receiving offers and you should not try to contact this seller through other means to negotiate price or terms. This is a violation of eBay’s Offers to Buy or Sell Outside eBay policy.

When to use Best Offer

You should make a Best Offer only when you’re serious about purchasing the item, service or property at your Best Offer price. Like the bids made on auction-style listings, your Best Offer is binding. If your offer is accepted by the seller, you are obligated to pay for the item, service or property.

Best Offers are good for 48 hours. If the seller accepts your offer, the listing is immediately closed.

Best Offer gives you the chance to negotiate the price with the seller. One advantage of a Best Offer is that you have the opportunity to buy the item at a lower price than the Buy It Now price. There is no minimum Best Offer price. However, you should only make what you consider to be your "best" offer for the item because any seller who receives multiple offers for an item is likely to accept the highest offer.

Tip: To get an idea of a typical selling price for the item you are considering, you can search for completed listings.

Finding Best Offer listings

To find Best Offer listings:
  1. Enter your item keywords in the search box and click the Search button.

  2. Under the Preferences heading on the left side of the page, while selecting an option under the the Bu ying format s section, select the Best Offer checkbox.

Tip: If a list of categories displays, you can select the category where you think the item will reduce the number of search results.

Submitting a Best Offer

To submit your Best Offer:
  1. Find a listing that accepts Best Offers.

  2. Click the “Submit Best Offer” link, or the Make Offer button, in the listing.

  3. Enter your Best Offer price.

  4. Enter an optional message to the seller in the Message text field.

    Note: Any message you include as a part of your Best Offer request to the seller is not a private form of communication. The Best Offer message is considered to be a formal term of your proposed agreement and may be reviewed by eBay to ensure that it does not violate eBay policy or represent fraudulent activity.

  5. Review the terms at the bottom of the page, select the checkbox, and then click the Continue button.

  6. Review the information on the Review and Commit Best Offer page, and then click Commit Best Offer button.

Shipping Costs

If the seller has specified shipping costs for the item, shipping is not negotiable. If, however, if the seller has requested that the buyer contact the seller regarding the shipping costs, you may offer the seller a price for the item that includes shipping costs. Make sure to explain you are adding the shipping costs to the amount you are offering.

Here’s how to submit a Best Offer that includes shipping:
  1. Submit a Best Offer request to the seller.

  2. In the message box, add "including shipping".

  3. Submit your offer to the seller.

Limits to Best Offers

The number of offers you are allowed to make per item, service or property is limited based on the category where the item is listed. If you are making a Best Offer on an item that allows only one Best Offer, the following message appears on the Submit Best Offer page: “Make this offer your Best Offer. You can only make 1 offer on this item.”

For items listed in categories which have a higher limit on the number of Best Offers (per buyer), sellers may reject your offer and invite you to submit a new Best Offer with a revised price.

Note: Expired offers, declined offers, and retracted offers all count against the "offer limit per item."

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