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Buying basics

Great deals are everywhere on eBay. Whether you want to buy something at a fixed price, or take part in an auction-style listing to win that perfect item, it's easy to get started.

Solve a problem

Before you bid on or buy an item, review the item description, seller information, and shipping policy. If you have any questions, email the seller. Learn more about the listing page.
If a seller (or someone claiming to be a seller) contacts you to complete a sale outside of eBay, don’t accept the offer. Sales that take place outside of eBay aren't eligible for eBay services and protection, including dispute resolution, Feedback, requests for contact information, and PayPal buyer protection. Learn more about offers to buy or sell outside of eBay.

Help topics

All about buying
Knowing a few key concepts will help you become a successful buyer.

Buyer tips
Make a smart, safe purchase by following these tips

Shopping formats
Bid on an item, or buy it at a fixed price.

Contacting your seller
If you have a question or problem with an item, it’s best to contact the seller first.

After you buy your item
You’ve made a purchase, now what? Find out what to expect.

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