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Registration & signing in 

Ready to buy or sell on eBay? Learn how to get a new account by registering. Or get help with signing in to your existing account.

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You can sign in with the email address associated with your eBay account and find your user ID in My eBay.
On the Reset your password page, enter your user ID or email address associated with your account, and then click Continue. Follow the instructions for resetting your password.
Make sure you're typing in your eBay user ID or email address correctly. Check for typos. If you're still unable to sign in to eBay, try to reset your password.
We sometimes request this additional security check. Type the code hidden in the image, and then click Sign In. If there is no image, you can perform an audio security check by clicking Listen to the numbers.
In certain instances, we cannot accept your email address. Please try using a different email address you have access to.
You or someone who shares your email address has already registered on or You can try to sign in or reset your password if you have trouble signing in.
It's possible that your inbox is full, or the email was mistakenly identified as junk mail. Check your junk mail or spam folder.
The card number may not have been entered correctly, or the billing address might not match the one on your monthly statement. Ask your credit card issuer to help you resolve the problem.
Our system has associated the credit card you're using with a suspended account, or your card is on hold for nonpayment. Learn more about suspended accounts.
The user ID you entered might have an invalid character, or be less than 6 characters long. Learn more about choosing a user ID.

Help topics


How to register
Register with eBay in a matter of minutes. It's easy and free.

How to register as a business
Find out how you can add your business name to your eBay account.

Choosing a user ID

Find out how to create a great user ID.

Creating and protecting your password
Stay safe online by creating a secure password and protecting it.

Why we ask you to provide identification information
Sometimes we can't use your email address to verify your identity, and we'll need additional information from you.

Selecting a country when you register
Find out how to choose a home country or region when you register, and how to change it later.

User Agreement and Privacy Policy
Find out more about these important policies.

Signing in

Signing in to your account
Signing in helps keep your account secure.

Forgot your password?
Find out what to do if you've forgotten your password.

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