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Buy* your 2nditem and reliveNostalgia with "100 years of Cricket" VCD. 100 years of Cricke
Your 4th buy* will getyou a CollectibleCricket Ball, Signedby Mandira Bedi! CollectibleCricket Ball
Make your 6th buy* and get the Ultimate Possession - Sachin Tendulkar's Autographed Biography Sachin Tendulkar's Autographed Biography

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Cricket Fun Zone!
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CRICKET MANIA KE DIN AAYE RE BHAIYA !! Hrithik Roshan's private theater has a few seats left. Have you got your ticket, because, mind you there will be no last minute black tickets in this one !! Havent ever got the opportunity to score runs in your cricket matches? No worry! It's raining runs here at Ebay>>Cricket Mania.Score 1 run by buying a single item worth Rs. 200, paying through Paisa Pay and leave feedback.And then the runs keep flowing.A single run gets you a funky 'Go India Go' wrist band.Rs. 5 from collections of every wrist band awarded will be donated to MFPA-Mouth and Footh Painting Artists Association.2 runs will let you walk through the hall of history and live through the nostalgic moments of cricketing history by getting you a "100 years of Cricket VCD". 4 runs will get you a collectible cricket ball signed exclusively by the sexy and dazzling Mandira Bedi. Are you a Mandira Bedi crazed fan and do you adore her and download mandira bedi wallpapers and mandira bedi videos ?Then bid on the cricket wardrobe she has collected created specially by Satya Paul.Remember that the proceeds from the auction will support the efforts of MFPA.SACHIN KE FAN HO NA? HAS 10DULKAR MANIA occupied most part of your cricketing life?Then hit a 6 and feel the same adrenalin rush that Sachin feels by reading his personally signed autobiography that you get for scoring 6 runs. Dont wait to score the runs because few days deliveries are left !!