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Indian Smart Phone Users are Smart Shoppers too according to the eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey
Mobile Commerce Users like shopping for gadgets the most
Mumbai, May 21, 2012

Mumbai, May 21, 2012: eBay India (, India's leading eCommerce Marketplace, shared key habits of Mobile Commerce Users in India. The findings are basis the eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey conducted with over 4500 eBay India users in May 2012.

Mr. Muralikrishnan B., Country Manager, eBay India, shared, "Mobile Commerce is starting to gain traction in India with the burgeoning smart phone penetration and a large number of Indians now use their smart phone to shop as well as compare prices. eBay India is a believer in Mobile Commerce & we have launched a suite of apps to cater to the Mobile Shopper & aid his online shopping behavior."

Highlights of the eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey:

  • Over 94% of Indian smart phone users access the internet on their mobile: The eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey results indicated that a large majority of Indian smart phone users are accessing the mobile internet and as many as 64% of them have upgraded to 3G services. As many as 80% of the respondents claimed to be always on the internet.
  • The Home is the favourite access point for the mobile internet: Over 84% of the survey respondents expressed that they accessed the mobile internet at home followed by 66% who accessed it at work & 55% who accessed it while waiting for their friends. The malls, restaurants, theatres, airports & the commute were the other times of access.
  • Shopping is the third most popular category of search after emails & social networking: 70% of smart phone users access online shopping websites
  • Over 87% of Indian smart phone users compare Product Prices online: This is more popular than travel tickets, movie timings or contact details.
  • Check your phone before you reach for your wallet: 57% of smart shoppers check prices online before they shop in a mall or a store. Over 30% of users have stated that they always find better deals online & 49% have stated that they ‘Mostly’ find better deals online.
  • 68% of users have made an online purchase using their smart phone: Digital Commerce is gaining traction with Indian smart phone users.
  • Gadgets are the most popular online purchases: 68% of mobile internet users have bought gadgets on their smart phone followed by 40% who have bought clothes & footwear & 34% who have bought books.
  • Mobile Commerce Users are savvy shoppers & use their smart phones to check product prices (84%). Other popular activities are to locate a store (65%), research product features (57%), find deals (55%), check product availability (48%).
  • Samsung & Nokia (40% each) are the smart phone of choice for the Mobile Indian . The iPhone (17%) is the third most popular smart phone brand.

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eBay India Mobile Commerce Survey Methodology: eBay India users were surveyed online in May 2012. Over 4,500 users filled up the Mobile Commerce Survey on their Mobile Internet habits.

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