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eBay India focuses on Ahmedabad as a global trade hub
Gujarat large sourcing hub for diamonds, apparel, furnishings and handicrafts on eBay India

October 24, 2007

eBay India, India's leading online marketplace, hosted an event today aimed at evangelizing eCommerce to residents of Ahmedabad. Mr. Ambareesh Murty, Director - Marketplace Development, eBay India spoke on the global entrepreneurship opportunities presented by the eBay platform for Indian sellers. eBay Global Trade Sellers & Ahmedabad resident Mr. Chinmay Tripathi. Ms. Payal Parikh & Ms. Palakh Mashruwala were also felicitated on the occasion by Mr. Murty.

Mr. Ambareesh Murty, Director - Marketplace Development, eBay India , said, "eBay presents a great entrepreneurial opportunity for Indian sellers to sell products internationally to millions of eBay buyers worldwide. Global Trade or exports can be explained as sellers from India selling to buyers from other countries in addition to domestic shoppers. Global Trade on eBay India is seeing significant traction with as many as 7,200 entrepreneurial sellers having benefited from this opportunity."

eCommerce is increasingly becoming mainstream, with entrepreneurial Indians selling online to a wide audience. Today, the eBay community includes more than 241 million registered users worldwide . eBay provides an international platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.

Mr. Murty also shared some key trends in Global Trade with Ahmedabad residents:

Key eCommerce trends for Global Trade

I Sellers from Non-Metro towns increasingly selling globally: Ahmedabad & Surat are the top 2 cities for export in Gujarat

There has been a definite increase in sellers from non metro cities selling globally through eBay India . Sellers from cities such as Shillong, Aizwal, Bakrol, Khanna and Khamaria are successfully trading with countries across the world. There has been a growth in contribution of smaller cities to the business with 50% of all global sellers on eBay India being from non-metro cities in India .

Guajarat has a large base of global trade sellers led by sellers from Ahmedabad & Surat. From Guajarat, eBay India has also seen global trade emerge from cities such as Sihor, Rajkot , Baroda & Bhavnagar .

II English speaking countries are a large market for global trade

There has been an increase in the demand for Indian products from thousands of buyers worldwide. In fact, buyers from over 150 countrie s have bought products from Indian sellers till date. An Indian seller sells an item to a global buyer every 72 seconds !

English speaking countries like UK , USA , Australia and Canada are natural markets for Indian sellers due to the ease of communication. However, enterprising Indian sellers have also made inroads into European markets such as Germany , France & Italy .

III Jewellery is the largest contributor to Global Trade from India - High demand also for Apparel, Furnishings & Handicrafts

Indian sellers are seeing tremendous success with products such as Jewellery, Apparel, Collectibles, Furnishings and Musical Instruments. eBay India sellers sell an article of clothing or accessory globally every 6 minutes while 9 pieces of jewellery sell every hour. A home furnishing item sells every 10 minutes while a coin or a stamp sells every 15 minutes. Interestingly, 14 musical instruments sell globally every day.

Gujarat has always been strong in the export of products like jewellery and apparel, and we find a similar trend in exports on eBay. In addition international trade in ‘collectible' categories like stamps and coins is also very popular.

An emerging trend is high demand from USA and UK for ethnic accessories (handbags, belts etc.) and handicrafts which Indian sellers can start trading.

IV Gujarat large sourcing hub for diamonds on eBay India ; metro based exporters benefiting, scope for increase in share of Gujarat-based local merchants

For Indian global trade sellers from the metros, Gujarat is one of the largest sourcing hubs for loose diamonds, apparel, furnishings & handicrafts. While exports from Non Metro cities is on the rise, the contribution of Local sellers has scope to increase in share as local merchants are largely acting as supply sources to sellers in larger Metro towns.

By selling finished products directly to the end consumer abroad, local merchants will be able to increase their share of value created.

V Providing Entrepreneurship Opportunities

eBay India provides great entrepreneurship opportunities through its unique business model thereby making it possible for local products to be sold across the country. Through an excellent internet trading infrastructure, it has created the largest online bazaar that is free of middlemen and unconstrained by geographical boundaries thereby enabling frictionless interaction between buyers and sellers. At any given time more than 10,000 items are on sale globally from India sellers on the eBay platform. By June 2007, more than 7,200 sellers had transacted internationally.

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