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Run a High Profile Charity Auction
eBay India Charity Fundraising program’s aim is to provide Indian NGOs, an efficient and cost-effective way to raise funds and
reach a passionate and active community of millions.
eBay India is delighted to offer a unique proposition for Fundraising Campaigns and initiatives. If you are planning or considering
any fundraising venture that involves a unique experience or item, then this is the place for you!
eBay India is an excellent forum for raising money for your charity. Our experience and expertise in charity auctions means we
can offer you the best service and advice.
It's very easy to hold a charity auction on eBay - here is an outline of how it works – and we'll help you all the way!
Kinds of things that can be auctioned
Campaigns are selected on the basis of the items and /or experiences that can be obtained for sale or auction. Therefore, any
organization or NGO, whether large or small, wanting to fundraise for a noble cause can apply.
Broadly, we look for the following types of items and experiences:
Money-can't-buy items and experiences
Items or experiences with celebrity or star association
Unique items
Rare and in-demand items
High-value items e.g: autographed memorabilia
Special interest items, experiences or memorabilia
Anything that will capture the public imagination and have appeal
If you are able to secure some cool items and experiences, then please get in touch at
Promoting your High Profile Charity Auction
By eBay India
For your charity auction, we will provide you with a promotional area on our charity page. For this you will need to provide us
A small graphic (50x50 pixels), usually the charity logo
A short description of your charity auction that you would like to accompany the graphic, for example, "Bollywood costume
   Click here to bid now!"
The URL of your ‘About Me’ page for us to link to
By the NGO
The more people know about your High Profile Charity Auction, the better. Creative, eye-catching promotions and spreading the
word, generates interest in your auction and increases the number of bids you will receive. This is sure to help your NGO raise
as much money as possible. Some ideas on how you could draw attention to your auction:
If you have a press contact or an in-house press office, brief them to promote your auction via television, radio or print.
If your NGO has a web site or a mailing list, you could include references/ links to your ‘About Me’ and My World pages or the
  auction using this medium.
Contact Winning Bidders
Once the auction is over all you need to do is contact the winning bidders by email within 7 days to arrange for payment and
Other Helpful links
For information about eBay fees, please refer to our fees page.
See past and present charity auctions on our Charity page.