Picture Quality

The resolution of a digital image is measured by the number of pixels used (one million pixels = 1 megapixel / 1 MP). Therefore cameras with a great number of megapixels have the potential to produce better quality pictures.

It is always important to consider the intended use of the camera before purchase. For example, a 1-2 megapixel camera will produce pictures of sufficient quality to email to friends or for your eBay listings but not particularly good for quality 11x14 prints on photo paper.

All new cameras should come with appropriate software & USB interface (ie cord connecting camera and PC), allowing you to view your pictures on your PC.

Desired Picture Size
Email / Internet 5x7 print
1 or 2 megapixel camera
Photo quality on photo paper up to 11x14 print
3 or 4 megapixel camera
General Purpose / Amateur
Professional quality on photo paper up to 20x24 print.
4 plus megapixels
Serious / Enthusiast or Professional
LCD Screen
Review your image immediately
Optical Zoom Lens
Capture close-up shots
Movie Clip Mode
Produce short video clips
Built-in Flash
Take shots in poor light / outdoors
Removable memory card / stick
Can add or remove additional memory as required (compared to internal only)
Consideration / Benefit
32 MB yields 25 to 90 images, 64 MB yields 50 to 185 images.
Make sure you get memory that is compatible with your camera
Easy download of images, direct from memory product
Save money vs. disposable batteries
Carrying and travel convenience
Use photo quality printers for optimal results
Manipulate images on your PC