Main Navigation

This is placed on the left hand side of the main window, where you can access all of the functionalities provided in the affiliate interface. It helps you easily navigate through all the functions available on the affiliate panel.

'My Account' Menu

When you click on the person icon, a drop down menu will be revealed consisting of My Account, Contact Support and Logout.

Notifications Inbox

When you click on the envelope icon, you will be directed to your Inbox where you can view and manage all of your notifications.


Upon logging into the interface, you will land on the "Dashboard" (as seen above) where you have a ready overview of all the vital statistics and can navigate to all of the relevant functions.

The Quick Stats panel provides you with a brief overview of all of the offers you are promoting over the last seven days. The stats in this panel show both the totals for each statistic as well as the change of each stat relative to the totals for the previous seven days. For example, in the below given graph you can see In last 7 days, user has earned 15Rs by 7 conversions & 9 clicks.


The Offers category contains two options - Browse/Search and My Offers - and which one you choose to use depends upon how you want to search the offers available to you.

Browse/Search - Offers you a multitude of ways to filter the offers available to you. From the Offers: Browse/Search page, you can:

My Offers - Displays only the offers you're promoting that have stats over the last 7 days. You also have the same functionality as the Browse/Search option, but it only applies to those offers in specific.

Scheduled Changes - Shows any changes that will be made in the future for an offer. You can view the change, the new value being changed to, and the date this will take effect.

How to get started?


  1. Click on the offers on the left hand tab. Select Browse/Search and list of live offers will appear. This list comprises of all the promotions eBay is running on its website. Now click on the offer name you wish to promote

  2. On selecting the offer- a tracking link will appear - User can simply use this link created in your tracking link for promotion. User may customize the link by clicking on Add Source - (where he can add the source to the link) or by clicking Add Sub Ids (you can add sub ID to the link).

  3. How to use creatives
    User can also use in built creatives � He needs to scroll down to the page, select the creative as per the desired size - > Get HTML code by clicking Get Code and use it for promotion.

  4. How to Get Code for a creative

  5. Select the HTML and use it for promotion

How to use XML feed?

XML feed is .

This is visible at the bottom of the offers page (under eBay CPS upto 60% off offer) under the Creatives tab. Click on get code. Select the link, copy paste it in a new browser tab. This will display the xml feed with all the required details like product name, item url, item price, item condition, brand name etc.

Copy paste this data and use it for mapping SKUs on your website.

How to Create an Offer URL?

To help you create a customized offer URL or a tracking URL with your own preferred choice of selection for products or deals page, simply follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click on “Create an offer” on the left navigation menu.

Step 2: Copy paste the eBay URL of the page you want to promote in the first block.

Step 3: Cross check your affiliate ID

Step 4: Enter the Source and SUB ID you want to pass in the tracking URL

Step 5: Submit by clicking “Create URL”

Your final tracking URL will be published below the create URL box. You can further use this URL for tracking your customized offer


The Reports category contains four different types of reports: Performance, Conversion, Referral and Saved reports.

Performance Report:
This is much more than just a report! Here you have the ability to render and view your performance statistics in a variety of manners. This report is perhaps the most important functionality of the affiliate interface as it enables you to choose HOW you want to render your data, thereby giving you the power to analyze your data in new and meaningful ways

The screen grab is for 7 days


Select Report

Conversion Report
The conversion report not only displays each and every conversion, but also allows you to filter by date/time and various parameters (e.g. offers, category, country). You can also modify which report parameters you would like to be displayed for your conversions.

Referral Report - The referral report tracks commissions generated from your referred users. You can search and browse your referrals by keyword, date/time, as well as group them by date or affiliate.

Saved Reports - This report keeps track of all of the reports you have chosen to save.



The tools category contains two options - �Ad Groups� and �Pixels/Postbacks� - which allow you to manage various aspects of the offers you are promoting.

Ad Groups - Here you are able to manage multiple creatives and offers. As with the functions mentioned above, you have the ability to filter your data displayed. You can filter by keyword, date/time and activity status. You also have the ability to change the activity status of any creative/offer.

Pixels/Postbacks - Here you are able to manage third-party conversion tracking pixels and postback URLs. From this page, you can either delete or modify the tracking pixel code/postback URL. If you need to further modify either the pixel tracking link or postback URL, simply click on said item and you will be redirected to it's detail page where you can do so.

APIs - This page shows you how to grab your Affiliate API key and the info that you need to get started with it.

Search Offers

The Search Offers field allows you to quickly search for any offer within your network using any identifier that is relevant to your search. If you already know the best keyword related to a particular offer, this function is the fastest way to find and navigate to said offer.